The Body

Is the host for who we are,
Strong, fragile, or superior.
Sometimes tested to the limits
It can only take as much as a minute.

Change the structure, shape, and size,
Of what is hidden just inside.
A direct connection to the mind above,
The heart is pumping not just blood.

You know a simple thought,
Finding what we missed or lost,
Can change the outcome of today,
Bringing us a better tomorrow
Here to stay?

Mind and body are interwoven,
One reacting to the other.
Being mindful of every word,
That passes through, some as
Sharp as a sword.

Key to everlasting survival,
Of life’s many trials,
Asking us to always look
At the pathways we once took.

Just with footsteps in the sand,
But in the mind, outreached hand.
For in the passing of the night,
We have the future just in sight.

Is never too late for a new beginning,
Stopping, settling of the spinning.
The body knows what is best,
Sometimes all it needs is rest.

It healthy foods, vitamins
And good moods.
Where once it may have been weak,
Now the glitches are wonderfully tweaked.

The body back full circle,
To a place of calm and peace,
Balance is the key for all,
This is truth, many speak.

Rise and fall of each breath,
Takes you closer to the crest.
A mountain climb to reach the peak,
And celebrate success of mind’s belief.

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Larry Tyler

I am at the peace and calm part of life.