• It takes three months for a radical shift in thinking and experiencing life in extraordinary ways.
  • The first 30 days is the time for breaking down the old to make room for the new. Releasing, changing perspectives and discovering what beliefs are true and which ones are false.
  • The next 30 days is when the next steps into rebuilding the foundation from which you perceive, understand and respond to life are laid before you.
  • The final 30 days the mind, body, and spirit will begin to balance and will bring a higher awareness/mindfulness to daily living. Rather than be reactive, life will unfold in a healthy continuum through an inner peace that is reflected outwardly bringing a sense of zest for living.

Birth, Death and the Space In-Between

We are born into the world with a clean slate and we exit with one piled high from a lifetime of experiences. The question to ask, is what kind of experiences do I want throughout the in-between stage?

Life is all about choices, which are made from the foundation built upon the beginning of our world as we see it from a child’s perspective. This foundation is either strengthened or shattered, whereby we spend our life on solid ground or forever striving to rebuild and put the pieces together.

I often find myself thinking and sometimes saying, “this is MY life” and consider what am “I” doing to create one that is healthy, balanced and feels good.

Until I had an “awakening” as the result of a radical shift from a paradigm of sickness and disease to health and healing, I was sleepwalking through life. With no idea of the knowledge available and the ability to feel empowered, my days were what you would call normal. Now I know, it was anything but normal and it took years of study, understanding and experiencing to truly grasp the enormity of the space in-between.

There is a mysterious element at play, beyond our senses and larger than life. I was in a box, with high walls and little light shining through. When those walls broke down, the light was bright!! But, oh, the feeling was energizing.

We may not consciously be aware of where our path is leading us, but there is a guiding hand.

Being mindful of this guidance and the choices made that keep each foot on the path of least resistance, will open a world mixed with love, joy, peace, and happiness.

My trials and tribulations have made me stronger….

Higher awareness keeps me at peace….

Embracing the outreached invisible hand makes life a tad bit easier….

As the sun rises and sets each day, it is a reminder of the space between getting smaller…..

There is a beginning, there is a middle and then there is the transition. Life is the master teacher, we are the student and it is the energy, efforts, and wisdom carving out the art form of who we are and how we travel life’s winding roads.

Not all who wander are lost

–J.R.R. Tolkien

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Nicole Bowen
Nicole Bowen

Eileen, you are very inspiring and I love the amount of in-depth information you offer. You show wisdom in so many ways and I love to learn from it.