More Compassion: The Man in Seat 1A

Compassion As we are bombarded with the sensationalism of every slight eventuality, the spew of pontificating pundits, and the celebration of violence as entertainment, we must show and demonstrate more care and concern for the suffering and misfortunes of those who are impacted by crisis. True compassion means not only feeling another’s pain but also being moved to help relieve it.

Maryanne navigated the narrow airplane aisle with her eleven-month-old daughter, Brianna, and Brianna’s oxygen machine. They were traveling to seek treatment for her baby’s chronic lung disease. Shortly after settling into their shared seat, a flight attendant approached Maryanne, saying a passenger in the first-class section wanted to switch seats with her. With tears of gratitude streaming down her face, Maryanne made her way back up the aisle to the more spacious seat, while the benevolent stranger made his way toward hers.

Just another example of how simple and how powerful our efforts to “Do More” can be. See our article below for even more ways to Do More:

In Search of Humanity: Time to Do More?

Dennis J. Pitocco
Dennis J. Pitocco
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  1. LOVE this one, Dennis! Sometimes the smallest gestures of kindness make the biggest impact on others. I love how Aldo said it above, “To make it clear to those in difficulty that he is not alone and to offer them a hand to help them is the most noble and altruistic act that can be done.” A nice nugget to contemplate today!

  2. Deciding to help others is an act of extreme generosity. It is the awareness that one’s own gesture can change people’s lives for the better.
    To make it clear to those in difficulty that he is not alone and to offer them a hand to help them is the most noble and altruistic act that can be done. Concrete help is an invaluable social and humanitarian value.
    Also, knowing that our gestures can make a difference in many people’s lives is rewarding. It’s not just about giving. In exchange for your solidarity you receive a lot, in terms of personal satisfaction, security and serenity. To perceive to be helpful, on a psychological level is an injection of positivity that generates well-being.