Money: A Blessing or a Curse?

What comes to your mind with the word “money?”

These are some words that come to my mind: power, rich, secures materialistic, happiness, sadness, work, business, bank, poverty, value, blessing, curse, gratitude, death, life, solution.

Let’s stay with the last word: value.

Some questions:

  1. What becomes the value of money when you have it and want to spend it on something but it’s not possible.
  2. What if all the money in the world could not help you, even if you would have the money. Then what value has it?

I always had an issue with money. My relationship with money changed drastically when my mother did get a stroke and became partially paralyzed. I brought her home and my journey as a caregiver started.

And there was the issue with money, and to be true it still is: Because all the money in the world could not make my mother better! This was a period where I learned many life-lessons about life and money and the value of money for me.

It is not just about my mother. But everyone who is going through serious health problems like cancer and can’t be treated any more or coronavirus. Also poverty and hunger over the world, people are dying, even with all the money in the world. Yes, I have a serious issue with money.

Money and Covid19

So many people died because of this virus. I do understand that it’s new, it takes time to find a vaccine for treatment. And still with all the money in the world and no cure. Again I think about the money. I don’t know how and when I made a link in my mind between money and solving serious world health problems. Learned so many years ago that money cannot solve all world’s health problems. Yes, I have an issue with money, especially regarding serious health problems.

Today my hairdresser said, “This is just temporary, this corona thing will go away.”

Then later a thought hit me. What if the virus will stay put, just like cancer, diabetes, the flu, and also becomes part of our lives forever? Like all the other illnesses? Because, when there comes a vaccine and people can be treated with it, don’t we have the same story then, just like with cancer, diabetes, the flu, etc.?

The coronavirus will not vanish! It will become treatable!

All the talks about Before and After Covid19.

There is no After the Flu, it became treatable and part of our lives.

There is no After cancer, it became only for some of us treatable, but still part of our lives.

There is no After diabetes, it became only for some of us treatable, but still part of our lives.

Because COVID-19 is new, there is a Before COVID-19, but at this point, I am really asking myself if there will be an After covid19?  Will it not merge with our world, our lifestyle, and become part of our lives?

This is the first time that my own thoughts have such an impact on myself regarding this topic. Am I going out of line, making this comparison of covid19 with other illnesses?

When thinking of The Change, there was no need for before regarding other illnesses. But due to the pandemic and contamination from human to human, there is a need for change in the whole lifestyle of the humankind, for our own safety. Facing many challenges inside The Change, it made me aware that change was much needed.

We are still in The Change, working towards a better world, leaving a legacy for our generations to come.

When I think of a better world, I have a vision of schools where holistic education methods are not special schools but normal schools. Where kindness, compassion, mindfulness, meditation are common subjects, as well in primary school, high school, and any further studies. My niece is a teacher at a holistic primary school. She travels every day for 3 hours, she has found her purpose in this teaching method.

Holistic Education is a methodology that focuses on preparing students to meet any challenges they may face in life and in their academic careers. The most important theories behind holistic education are learning about oneself, developing healthy relationships and positive social behaviors, social and emotional development, resilience, and the ability to view beauty, experience transcendence, and truth.

Curious how our world will be five to ten years from now? Me too!

Till then: One Step at a Time, One Ripple at a Time. …


Ineke Kanhai
Ineke Kanhai
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  1. Thank you, dear Ineke for this very thoughtful article. I appreciate it. Money can be either, in my opinion. We can be elevated or diminished with cash. It depends on your priorities. I believe what is most important in addressing money is the quote from the book of Luke, which I paraphrase: For those who much is given, much is expected. I do not believe this should be mandated but encouraged.💖