Monetize Instagram: How You Can Earn a Fortune with Your Instagram Account

How can you use your Instagram account to make a fortune? The following are legit methods you can use to make money once you’ve grown your Instagram account.

You’ve worked hard to grow your Instagram account. Chosen the right niche, posted the right photos, used the right content, and seen excellent results.

You are finally getting the mentions, tags, likes, comments, and shares you’ve worked hard for.

So, how can you monetize your account?

In this post, we discuss various ways you can monetize your Instagram account.

Expert Guide on How to Monetize Instagram

Before you can monetize your account, you need influence with your followers. As an influencer, your audience considers you passionate, knowledgeable, and authentic. You become their trusted source of products and services to purchase.

It would help if you also had high engagement and about 10,000 and above followers.


Because then you can use Instagram in-app functionalities like sharing links in Stories. Brands can also approach you for collaborations due to the large number of followers and engagement rates.

Once you have this covered, use the following methods to make money on Instagram:

Sell Affiliate Products

As an affiliate, you work with a brand to promote their products for a portion of revenue from any sales made.

How does this work?

You start by signing up as an affiliate. The brand gives you a unique code or URL that you can use on your posts. Once a customer buys a product via this link or code, you earn a percentage of the purchase.

Not sure how to start?

Find products or services within your niche that you believe in and that resonate with your audience. Then, enroll with affiliate marketplace networks that can connect you with merchants. They include Amazon Affiliate, ClickBank, etc.

Create Sponsored Content

Once you have a good following and engagement, you can find brands to partner with and promote their products.

How does this work?

You create sponsored content that promotes a brand campaign, product, or service. The brand then pays you a fee for every post or series of posts.

But how do you find brands to partner with?

Look for brands within your niche on Instagram with products or services your audience would relate to. Engage with their profiles by commenting on their posts and liking their content. Become their superfan.

When they start interacting with you, send them a collaboration proposal, showcasing the benefits a partnership would give them.

Alternatively, you can register with influencer agencies to help you connect with brands.

These are just some of the ways you can monetize your Instagram account. For more tactics and tips, check out the infographic below. It contains other methods you can use to earn a fortune on Instagram.

How to Monetize Instagram to Earn a Fortune

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