Moments that Rock

I came across Tony Michaelides recently and we got on so well that I decided to conduct an interview with him.  He has just released a book called Moments that Rock, based on his experience of working with Class A Rock Stars such as U2, The Stone Roses, David Bowie, New Order, The Police, Depeche Mode, Simply Red, Bob Marley, Massive Attack, REM, Matchbox Twenty, The Pixies, Elvis Costello, Genesis, Johnny Cash, Whitney Houston, Annie Lennox, Tom Petty, Peter Gabriel…..and many more.  Some of his references tell you all you need to know about the book:

Tony has long been one of the UK’s foremost record promoters and undoubtedly one of the best that U2 has had the pleasure of working with.

It was in those crucial formative years that we were grateful for the passionate belief Tony showed in the band and for the personal and professional relationship that was built.

~Paul McGuinness, manager of U2 (1978-2013)

I’ve known Tony since my first job at Piccadilly Radio in Manchester. Over the following 40 years, I haven’t met a raconteur better than Tony. His first-hand knowledge of the music industry is second to none, but for me, the unique aspect of Tony is how he tells these stories and makes them relevant, humorous, and engaging. He’s been surrounded by some of the world’s biggest stars, many of whom he helped rise to fame, and his stories are both inspirational and unique. My son has just started working as a music researcher in New York and when asked who he could talk to about the Manchester scene, there was only one name I gave him.

~Andy Bird, chairman, Walt Disney International

Tony has seen more of the music industry from the inside than almost anyone else I know. Working for various record companies, his own promotions business, and artist management has given him a deep insight into the machinations of the music business. His success stories are many, but just ask any member of U2 about Tony and they will tell you of the crucial role he played in getting them heard around the UK.

~Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio and TV presenter and author

Check the three interviews out here with transferable lessons for any entrepreneur trying to make a start in business and then rising to the top.  We share a love for many of the artists he has worked with, including Deep Purple, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, and David Bowie.  Bowie gets a special section of his own in the 3rd video.  Find some of our interviews with music legends at legends.

You can find Tony’s interviews with iconic artists via Tony’s Rock’n’Roll Storyteller website.


Peter Cook
Peter Cook
PETER leads Human Dynamics, offering Business and Organisation Development. He also delivers keynotes around the world that blend business intelligence with parallel lessons from music via The Academy of Rock. Author of and contributor to twelve books on business leadership, acclaimed by Tom Peters, Professors Charles Handy, Adrian Furnham, and Harvey Goldsmith CBE. His blends his three passions are science, business, and music into unique inspiring keynotes based on the art of storytelling. His early life involved leading innovation teams for 18 years to develop life-saving drugs including the first treatments for HIV/AIDS, Herpes and the development of Human Insulin. 18 years in academia teaching MBAs and 18 + years running his businesses. All his life since the age of four playing music. Peter won a prize for his work from Sir Richard Branson after his mother claimed he was a Virgin birth. He now writes for

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