Mom 91, Me 61 – How Did That Happen?

Mom 91, Me 61 — how did that happen?

Mother/Daughter Relationships

This subject has kept countless therapists, counselors, relationship and life coaches in prosperous businesses for years. There are numerous resources out there — A quick Google search for “how to have a good mother-daughter relationship” produced “About 5,210,000,000 results” in less than 1 second!

The pandemic not only brought me back to the town of my birth, Iowa City, but it also brought me back to live with & care for the person who brought me home from the hospital 61 years ago. See the photo of Mom — Rosie — and me below.

Now that the tables have turned, and the roles have reversed, I found I have new opportunities for growth. I’m leaning into understanding what a solid, loving, forgiving, compassionate, trusting mother and daughter friendship/relationship can be.


Mariah Edgington
Mariah Edgington
Mariah Edgington, BSN, RN: Retired Critical Care/ER nurse, Author, Professional Speaker, Content Creator, Transformational Mindset Mentor, NurseDeck Ambassador, Contributor: BizCatalyst 360°, Medium. Mariah has now transitioned into a supporting role of encouraging people to live the best version of themselves. As a Transformational Mindset Mentor, she mentors those who want to Harness the Power Within and take their lives to the next level. “Own Your Value” and “You Are More Than Enough” are two of her primary messages. She wants everyone to know that their lives are of value, and they are worthy of life. That there’s a better brighter life calling, encouraging everyone to have the courage to capture that life. Mariah co-authored, Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough, (RE)Discover Your Passion, Purpose, & Love of Yourself & Life  with her husband, Byron. It’s available on her website, along with the accompanying Guidebook, Online Course, and Gratitude Journal. See Mariah's social media channels above.

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  1. Mariah,
    You are so incredibly blessed to be living in this chapter with the one who birthed you into this world.
    And… to have the awareness how special this time is for both of you.
    My first born will be 61 when I am 91… I am trying to let that sink in right now. #lovemymom #lovebeingamom

    • It is an interesting exercise in math calculations Carolyn, one I hadn’t considered. Putting our imagination to task of what a 91 year old must contemplate. That, in itself, could be an essay. Let me know if you take that one on my friend!

  2. It is beautiful to see the relationship blossom into a something even more special than mother and daughter. As time beats on, all those precious moments create deeper memories. Very happy you are able to spend time with your mother in this way. My mom just turned 80 this weekend. Doing something special for her meant the world to me.

  3. Mariah, as I scrolled through the best of Bizcatalylst articles written, yours caught my eye for several reasons. It tugged at my heart, as I lost my mom at age 12, and now I’m 72 and my daughter who is 48, wants nothing to do with a relationship with her and I, actually removing my grandchildren, whom I have not seen in 7 years, and won’t even try to reconcile. I have spent many nights in tears, praying constantly, but now have resigned myself to think reconciliation with never happen. God Bless you and God bless your mom.

    • Lynn, your honesty about a ‘hot-topic’ subject moves me. Life shifts like sand under our feet, often leaving us unprepared for when the next wave crashes down upon us. There are days that usher in calm seas, swiftly followed by nights (why do nights seem more relentless?) of turbulence. Most of the time there’s little reconciliation within ourselves. May I offer one thing I do know without even knowing you, Lynn. You Are MORE Than Enough. You are a beautiful soul. Journey Well 🙏🏼

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