The most terrible poverty is loneliness. Miracle Messages acknowledges this truth and is on a mission to ease the heartache suffered by those of us who are homeless. With the insight that everybody is somebody’s somebody and a savvy handle on social media, the crew behind this fresh initiative aim to reconnect individuals with their loved ones. Documenting the process as well as the people who bring the project to life, this short clip is bound to make the eyes well.

Video from KarmaTube  A film by Miracle Messages.

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Lynn Forrester-Pitocco

This article touches the core of the soul of those who have compassion and empathy for those who experience loneliness. I could write a book on this due to experiences in my life. St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said several times that the greatest loneliness is within one’s own family. Parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters are tangling against each other and often love is extracted and loneliness takes over. Thank you for this article

Larry Tyler

This article pulls at the heartstrings. Thank you