Mindset Agility

It’s what I teach others to have. Training ourselves to have new automatic patterns of thought on which to rely, changes our emotional makeup and allow us to see the ‘lesson’ on the other side of failure, in short order. [law of polarity]

That’s my definition of mindset agility.

How long does it take me, when I have a negative thought … or worry about something over which I have no control (weather, your thoughts, your deeds), to ‘realize’ it’s a dead-end path and interrupts my personal communication with Universe? Yes, we are co-creators and have a connection.

When I first heard this quote in 2008, “I am grateful to the idea that has used me.”[i] By Alfred Adler, Austrian psychiatrist, and psychotherapist, I could not wrap my arms around the idea! Ideas using ME? Huh?

After sitting with the quote and continuing to study and teach others ‘how to think differently to get different results,’ finally, it came to me. My choice was to forget it or continue to ponder it. I chose to ponder. And like clockwork, “out of confusion came order.” It’s a natural law and it always works.

We are spiritual beings first, gifted with intellect (conscious awareness) and a body to accept a spiritual seed, an idea, or ‘thought energy,’ and ‘impress’ it into our subconscious mind, where it lives like the truth for us.

It IS true and we believe it because we said we were going for it! When we ‘did it,’ we transformed one form of energy into another! Thought energy into physical form! Are we alchemists? All of us? I say yes.

It only took two decades for me to hone down the process of achieving a goal every single time (other than catastrophe) with consistency and predictability over extended periods of time.

It became clear to me when I began to ‘own’ the ability to recognize the results of universal law in my life (and yours) and that we can align with the seven universal laws. We do this based on how we feel. The language of the universe is amplitude of vibration.

I do not want to confuse feeling with emotion as they are different; one is conscious, and the other is subconscious. One we are mostly aware of, and the others we must find the signs to become aware of the incredible power of our vibration or how we feel. It is not obvious.

Not just now and then or sporadically; the real implementation of these laws every day when they become a part of your awareness, allows us to see very quickly when we are ‘thinking’ something that has a low vibration, or feels cruddy. Then we use another law and remind ourselves that for every up, there is always a down (law of polarity); for every failure, there is a lesson, there is no outside unless there is an inside, and so forth.

Our results will always match how we are feeling (via cellular vibration) about what we believe.

In one of my weekly flagship enterprise cohorts, a fellow who had been studying by flagship program with me every week for a couple of years, chock full of Napoleon Hill’s principles of success as well as universal law, and a number of other concepts, came onto the call shaking his head one morning. I asked how he was, and he said, “oh, I just now saw that half my basement is flooded!”

Immediately I asked him, “What about the other half? Was it flooded?” This mindset agility had me instantly see that the other half was NOT flooded. Gratitude! Mindset agility! He had been carrying the image of his flooded basement into the call. He could have chosen to bring the gratitude for the whole thing ‘not flooding’ with him, as easily.

Everyone laughed … the laughter of recognition. And while it seems silly, the language of our universe … the way to ‘get its attention,’ to have influence over our results through continually learning and practicing recognizing when the ‘laws’ show up, is by making sure as often as possible that you feel good.

There is scientific proof that mind is a cellular activity and cells work in tandem. In Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief[ii], simply rephrased … when we are happy the proteins move together in one direction; when not happy, they move together in another. Our natural way of being is a high amplitude of vibration. Low vibration, negativity over time, puts our body in dis-ease.

In Richard Brodie’s Virus of the Mind[iii], simply rephrased … negativity acts like a virus and spreads quickly. This is easy to see when you walked into a group of people discussing ailments or politics … you felt good before you got there and yet when you walked away, you felt different; certainly not happy.

We share our minds. We look like individuals … and we are to an extent. What connects us in the circulation of the ether to and through each of us … all ideas are locked in that ether as it flows from thought energy form to form (our conscious mind), then through form (as we work toward a goal we have not done before), then back into physical form.

The process is the transmutation of radiant energy. Yes, Felicia, we are all magicians. Alchemists to be exact.

Important to note that if you give up on your goal, regardless of the reason, the ‘idea’ circulates back into its original thought energy form and into the ether … and someone else gets ‘your idea!’

Mastermind is how I can get an idea ‘for’ your project when I barely know you. The beauty of this is that while I can’t read the label from inside the wine bottle … you can! This is how mastermind actually works, through continual circulation of ideas.

The key to a daily mindset of wealth, health, and happiness (rather than a ‘goal’) is to learn to be Mindset Agile. That is to learn, then practice ‘seeing’ the laws at work on your behalf in real-time, and in the lives of others. It removes anxiety around things over which we have no control and confirms whether we are yet clear on the ‘how’ of it all, we are not working alone and we are able to communicate our desires to our partner in creation … the universe.





Leslie Flowers
Leslie Flowers
Leslie Flowers, a trailblazer for women in business and emerging enterprises, is an industry-recognized authority on results and achievement and teaching business principles, universal law, and mindset over 17,000 hours over fifteen years. Leslie developed her Flagship Leadership Mastermind in 2013, the 8 Essentials of Performance and Achievement, for which she developed an agile framework to aid her clients in being in full control of their lives and have influence over conditions and circumstances. Certified coach and consultant (LSC), speaker (CS), and author of seven books, Leslie’s greatest joys in business include mentoring women to “ask for what they deserve … and be paid,” and creating leadership development mastermind training and teams to emerging enterprises.

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  1. I am fond of nature and its seven laws, Leslie

    I love the way you attached mind agility to the laws of the universe. I felt exactly like this ” when we are happy the proteins move together in one direction”.

    I admire your writing “How long does it take me, when I have a negative thought … or worry about something over which I have no control (weather, your thoughts, your deeds), to ‘realize’ it’s a dead-end path”
    This is the law of decreased effect. The ore we focus on negative thoughts the more persistent we make them.