Mic’d Up! Building Your Podcast Brand

A podcast is one of the great ways to drive more traffic to your website and is a marketing tool that creates a great sense of intimacy. But when it comes to developing one of these for your business, the fact of the matter is that there are so many other podcasts out there, that we’ve got to have something that offers listeners something different from the norm. As there are so many podcasts in general, as well as promoting and distributing them, are there any ways to connect with a specific audience?

Niche Subject Matter Coupled With A New Platform

There is a podcast called Coffee and Flowers, based all around the music of a band called The National. Now, for those that aren’t fans of this group, why would they even bother going to that podcast? But with the podcast like this, they work so well in conjunction with a social media platform, called Vero. And if you’re wondering, what is Vero? It is a social media platform. And provide a great way to connect with other like-minded listeners, for a fee. Also, these platforms take advantage of the notes associated with podcasts, allowing the listener to delve deeper into a subject matter. We see this through numerous podcasts because it gives listeners an extra dimension in which to sink their teeth into things that are covered over a couple of seconds. There are plenty of health podcasts that provide notes, detailed in nature.

Creating A Bond With Your Audience

If you look at the impact true crime podcasts, this has snowballed into such a vast genre. We can’t imagine the podcasts landscape without them. From This American Life to Serial, it’s become a form of addiction for those that need their true crime fix. But podcast still creates a sense of intimacy, either through specific production values or by literally creating that bond with the audience. Mention people by name, encouraging comments and so forth isn’t anything new, but because podcast to such an intimate art form, if you want to create something that really drives traffic, you’ve got to start bridging the gap. That bond with the audience can take a long time, but when you look at something like Four Finger Discount, a podcast about The Simpsons, they work wonders at going between audience and subject matter. Granted, the subject matter is what brings people in, but it’s the personalities of the content that makes people stay.

While these two lessons are simple, if you want to create a podcast that covers new ground, it’s all about nurturing that fanbase. To build up a niche podcast, you’ve got to find ways to create that bond with your audience, but it’s also got to have that veritable zing in terms of marketing. These days, there are so many different platforms, from Spotify to Stitcher, to Podbean, and everything in between, that you can distribute without issue, but it’s creating that connection that will yield significant returns, and therefore drive traffic to your business.

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