Mentoring Matters: How Do I Grow My Business?

Dear MasterMinds:

AS OWNER of a small business, I have done everything conceivable to grow my business and am seeking to do so in a manner that’s both reasonable and feasible. I have gone to Micro-enterprise programs and I continue to get frustrated because they don’t give me the advice needed to actually grow how I want. They think very small-minded and that is just not how I think. I know everyone started somewhere but they knew where they wanted to go. I want to be a major company someday and all I need is someone willing to show me the ropes. I have put in countless hours of sweat equity and I just want to know that I am heading in the right direction or should I go in another direction.

THANK YOU FOR providing us with an opportunity to help support your business objectives. Based on the information provided, our MasterMinding Response has been crafted by Debbie Ruston, whose expert credentials are presented immediately proceeding her insightful commentary below:

I would like to start by addressing your first question:

I have put in countless hours of sweat equity and I just want to know that I am heading in the right direction or should I go in another direction.

This is something that only you can answer. I recommend asking yourself some specific questions and be willing to be fully authentic with yourself.

  • How do you feel deep in your heart…. Do you believe this will work and it’s the right direction? If yes, why do you believe this?
  • Does this work fulfill you, or is it just for the income? If it’s just for the income, chances are you will get discouraged and not be committed long term.
  • Are you willing to stay for the long term commitment it takes to create success?
  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Do you believe in what you are offering? If you have lost belief in what you are doing, then it’s time to take a new direction, or find a way to rebuild your belief.

If you absolutely believe in what you are offering and believe you are heading in the right direction, it’s important to recognize putting in countless hours of sweat equity is simply part of the process. Everyone that creates success goes through challenges. The difference in those who create success and those who don’t, is the willingness to push through any challenge they are faced with, and know there is a PAY-it-FORWARD-300x189solution. Asking yourself “how” questions will assist in getting your creative mind going to find solutions.

Next, ask yourself why you want to change the business name and entity. If you have spent time branding it, you will be starting over again. Very often people give up, or make dramatic changes just before they hit the goal.

The key to finding your ideal clients is to put your marketing message in front of your target market. Social media gives so much opportunity to get the message out, without heavy investment in marketing, and allows you to connect with the right people on a national or international level, depending where you want to grow your business. Get involved in targeted groups on Linkedin and become a well known voice on the relevant discussion boards within the groups. This allows you to connect with people that resonate with what you offer, and allows you to put your message in front of the right people. I would also suggest you search out blogs, forums, websites etc., that offer marketing to your ideal market. These are directly targeted and often very inexpensive to advertise on. You can also check the ranking of the sites you are considering by going to Alexa. This will tell you how popular a site is, so you can decide if it is worthwhile placing ads there. You should shoot for anything that is ranked between 0-100,000 nationally. The lower the number the better.

You can also join your local Chamber of Commerce and get the message out to members there. There are also lots of different types of networking groups – BNI, etc., where you can get your message out locally.

This may also assist with your cash flow so that you are not incurring a lot of expense for marketing. A business line of credit is also valuable to assist with cash flow when needed.

Feel free to connect with me directly if you would like to discuss any of this personally. I am happy to assist you.

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Debbie Ruston
Debbie Ruston
ENTREPRENEUR, International Trainer, Visionary Leader – Debbie has been a successful entrepreneur, since 1986 and believes in taking an active stand for true human potential. As the owner of The Success Educator, Debbie has spent her career helping individuals discover their limitations and overcome them and assists people globally in starting their own businesses. She also has a personal passion for education reform and providing youth the knowledge required to succeed in today's changed world.

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