Mental Awareness

I recently had a poem published in a mag for mental awareness.  It is geared toward people with disabilities to learn how to write poetry as a tool for therapy. Working through their depression and anxiety.

I personally suffer from depression and sometimes it’s hard to even get out of bed. I lack the ambition to do anything.  Withdrawn into my own little space within my head.

I have been using poetry as a tool for many years now.  My earliest poems have a lot of roller-coaster mood swings. From the low desperation of suicidal thoughts to the high-on-life phase of bipolar.

I remember when I was first diagnosed with bipolar depression.  It was the lowest time in my life.  Never having been diagnosed until the age of twenty-two.  Couldn’t understand Why Me?  My family did not understand it either.  Placing the blame on themselves and feeling shame that their daughter was crazy. Or was she?

The point is many people suffer from depression and anxiety. Still very much misunderstood and often undiagnosed.  In my family, most of our siblings have depression and anxiety.

I had the opportunity to be featured on their webpage. I wrote a whole article about feelings of and emotions. And I realized that others suffering could be helped to feel better with my poetry.  It was meant to be read not hidden under the bed. I caught myself feeling shame. That people would know.  I’d be opening up that part of my world for all to see. I felt vulnerable.  And I questioned why I had submitted it there.  I guess I thought it was going to be a place I could identify with others and understand myself better.

Some of my poems would fit like a glove plus I’d learn about the struggles of others. Even in today’s society depression is much understood. It would be nice if someone could wear my shoes.

I hope with this article that others will be helped and understood.  That people would stop placing labels and get to the core of the problem.  I don’t use disability as an excuse. I embrace it and treat it like any other disease. I am no longer a victim but a survivor. It’s a matter of perspective to stay positive and hard work.

Today I am stable and enjoying each day as if it’s my last. One day at a time.  So I remain humble and count my blessings every day.  My challenge for readers is to try to educate themselves about depression.  Don’t look down on or judge because you never know it could be you next time.

Stop labeling depression as crazy. I’m no different than you. I get by with a little help from my friends.

In the meanwhile pick up that paper and pen and express yourself.

Happy penning © Eva Marie Ann Cagley


Eva Marie Cagley
Eva Marie Cagley
Eva Marie Ann Cagley was born in 1958 to Frank and Priscilla Cagley. Raised in Waterloo Iowa, U.S. She spent most of her time working with teenagers as a counselor. Working with teenagers gave her immense joy, having had none of her own… She came from a large family having nine children. She has always had a passion for writing and believes it is a gift from God… There's little else to say about her as her writing reflects who she is. Her beliefs, perspectives, trials, tribulations hope and despair, dreams of all her life’s journeys…She currently has five poetry books published and a Miracle story. Her poetry and essays are on various ezines and blogs. Her poetry books can be purchased, on Amazon and Lulu. Book titles: “In the Garden of My Mind,” “Dancing in Heaven,” “The Airwaves of My Soul,” “Where Poets Dream,” I Shall Always Think of You,” “God's Miracle Story.” Her personal web page is She is in the book “To Be or Not to Be a Writer” by, Sweetycat Press publications. Available on Amazon. Who's Who of Emerging Writers 2021 published by Sweetycat Press. Also available on Amazon. The Beacon Ezine, (Poetry). Spillwords (Poetry) Honor of Socialite of the year 2021. The Academy of the Heart and Mind, (Poetry and essay). Wink Writers in The Know Magazine & Blog (Essay and poetry). Journey of the Heart, (Poetry). Wildfire Publications LLC, Inc. (Poetry and articles). Grey Thoughts, (Essays, Poetry). The New Zealand Blog (Articles and poetry). She has also been found in numerous anthologies. You can find the links to all her published works at She currently authors articles for Wildfire Publications LLC quarterly Magazine. And is a Featured Contributor for BizCatalyst 360°. She has always had the desire to write and takes her work seriously. She has just recently become aggressive by submitting her work. She is pleased with her success!

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  1. Very important message and I honor your creative expression and courage in sharing your experiences-and you are not alone. So many people are dealing with depression and anxiety in our culture and around the world. The more we listen and read, and see things inside ourselves, the more we have an understanding of the emotional/mental realities of another human being. Speaking up and sharing are essential. Thank you for your prose, your poems, your essays, and mostly your courage in speaking your lived experiences-Eva!