Meet True Self

For a while now, I have made it into a habit to connect with my true self every morning. As I am always eager to learn more and expand my awareness, I had started a training that has given me some amazing and simple tools to do that. I would like to share one of those sessions with my True Self with you.

I open up an empty Word document and write down the question. A question that can be very simple like;

Q: “What would you like me to know today?”
A: “Love yourself unconditionally. With all of your enthusiasm and intensity that you are. When you do, the right people will cross your path and love those qualities. They will want to be a part of the project, of you! These people will find it inspirational the way you are and will look inside themselves for their own flame and will keep it burning”.

I looked at what TS is reminding me of. I use to step back, because maybe then they would love me. As a series of events in my past in which I showed my intensity, my independency, and free soul, my interest for adventure, and my incredible drive and enthusiasm about something was not supported or understood by those around me, I had created the belief that my beingness wasn’t welcome. It is where my Ego mind stepped in, with the intention to protect me from being hurt of course, but it couldn’t have been further from the truth, because by doing so, I lost the connection of self.

Whenever someone has led me down or pulled away or a project that I was sure meant to be for me was cancelled, it would say: “It’s your fault. You were too much. You screwed it up.”

It’s when we start to believe these thoughts thinking they are the truth it goes wrong. Seeing through the lens of Ego we will find more people who reject us and projects that were never meant to be. But when we connect to our TS daily, we have the ability to recognize when it’s happening. Then I thank the Ego for showing me what residue of my old self still is there. I can now look at the thought in my head and see what it really is; just a limiting belief. Passed on or taking over from others.

Then I say:
“This is not who I am
This is not even what they are.
It is just a limiting belief.

It allows me to be back on the wheel.

The more I spend time connecting to my true self, the more I seem to get the chance to step out of my hamster wheel and look at what is happening. And the more I do. The more I get to see,

What is really me.

May I invite you to pause for just a minute or 10? To invite stillness into your head and invite your true self in? I have created this song to help you find it. Click the video below and preferably listen with headphones on or earplugs in. Can’t wait to read in the comments what your TS was telling you today!

In love and truth, Eyra

“I AM” by Eyra Moon


Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon has a tremendous fascination and deeply felt connection to our universe. Her journey in discovering the law of the Universe, the words we use, the believes we embedded as our own that create our reality, reflect back in her work through Great Talks, Music, Videos, Film, Articles, and connecting with Your True Self. In all these forms, she invites you to go on a journey with her. To go within and feel. To reconnect with what we truly are; the Universe experiencing itself through You. Being Truth and Love and bringing that into every situation and encounter with other beings. The more we connect to our source self and leave from this space, the more we can start creating a world from the freedom, love, abundance, and serenity that we are.

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  1. My dear Eyra,
    I love your true self and the discovery that thoughts are just that…thoughts. They are not real unless you make them so.
    I can resonate with your method to open a document and start writing. I do this too. In the early hours of the day I find the freshest source of my inner being. The higher self I check in with first, as this is who I am.
    Your music and gift that you share is truly reflective of who you are and is a comfort to many.
    Thank you for sharing, in order for others to find YOU🙏

  2. Eyra,
    Your music with my meditation was so beautiful and heart opening!
    You have captured something here with your words “And the more I do. The more I get to see, what is really me”.
    It is sitting in the stillness and going deeper…and the layers are peeled off slowly.
    Here is to Your TS! #trueself

  3. Thank you, Eyra, for sharing your insights related to the importance of connecting with true Self. I SO agree. It’s vital to our well-being and degree of success that we’ll manifest. I, too, used to listen to the voice of the egoic “thief,” the little “i” pretending to be me. No more. 🙏🙏

    • Thank you Art! I love how you are calling it a thief. It really is isnt it? From all the joy, love, prosperity and freedom we could have experienced for years. But its a friend as well. A big one, pointing us to the non truths so we can clear it. Im glad you are on board if saying no as well. Lets have some fun shall we? 😃💫