Meet Donnie – A Soul with a Special Mission

When we first start as a musician, artist, photographer, writer, entrepreneur, or filmmaker we often are in a different state than later when we become successful or serious. As the American composer, Tony Anderson describes his early years so well: “There was no idea that I could be successful and there was no idea that I could fail. And it was fun.”

What happens to us when all of that childlike fun from which we often start, suddenly gets replaced for deadlines, full agendas, pressure from managers, media, and critics, inner fear and comparison, or “adult-like approach to music” as Tony describes it. I too find myself often so busy with the business side and inner fights of it that I have hardly time to make music. And this is not just limited to the area of music. When I observe some of our famous spiritual teachers, best-selling authors, or even founders of great causes, they probably too started from fun or with a beautiful and pure idea, until something suddenly took over. Money gets involved, a team becomes an organization, thousands of followers become millions.

Do fear and comparison take over from the joy we once started?

Lucky for us the Universe created some very special beings
Lucky for us the Universe created some very special beings. People who some of us call “different” or “weird” but actually seem souls with a special mission that mirror back at us where it really is about.

Let me introduce you to Donnie…

Donnie lives next door to Tony and regularly asks to come in. As Tony is a very busy man he at first has no idea how to respond other than not inviting him in. But as Donnie keeps on trying, Tony gives in and gets to see something beautiful.

Donnie doesn’t know what Tony does and he doesn’t care. He is not impressed by which brands use Tony’s music or how many followers he has. Tony: “Society thinks there is something wrong with him. I use to think there is something wrong with him. But Donnie is the greatest gift in my life.”

What happens next is so beautiful and touched my heart. Please watch this beautiful short documentary where Tony Anderson takes us back to the moment when Donnie knocked repeatedly on his door.

The documentary shows us it is the Donnies in this world that help us remember to go back to the simple things of life. The interactions with people, animals, nature. Enjoying food. Making music because we love the process of creating. Starting a foundation because we want to do good. Setting up fairtrade to help people, not to make a profit. Sharing our experiences, not to become a guru, but as someone who wants to share because maybe just maybe one person’s life might change.

This video has awakened something in me. It opened up my heart. It helped me remember to go back to the love and joy that we are. Thank you Donnie for being you! For being so connected to what is our original source self! And thank you, Tony, for being so brutally honest with yourself and sharing your reflection with the rest of the world!

Video made by Musicbed, Music by Tony Anderson, and Young Collective


Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon has a tremendous fascination and deeply felt connection to our universe. Her journey in discovering the law of the Universe, the words we use, the believes we embedded as our own that create our reality, reflect back in her work through Great Talks, Music, Videos, Film, Articles, and connecting with Your True Self. In all these forms, she invites you to go on a journey with her. To go within and feel. To reconnect with what we truly are; the Universe experiencing itself through You. Being Truth and Love and bringing that into every situation and encounter with other beings. The more we connect to our source self and leave from this space, the more we can start creating a world from the freedom, love, abundance, and serenity that we are.

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  1. Stopping time to feel the joy of being! Most certainly I teared up because – well – it’s truth.

    All our little Donnies inside ourselves that we ignore or brush aside or watch being trampled by forces we can’t quite understand …..

    Til one day fate shifts the sands upon which we stand and we find ourselves transforming, remembering, returning to those truths we knew but didn’t.

    Timeless once again as free Beings! This is your kind gift, Eyra, to remind our Souls of our Truths.

    We are all: Remarkable! Poignant! Exciting!

  2. Thank you, Eyra, for sharing this gem.
    How many of us have or have had a Donnie in our lives? No disrespect intended, is this why we get a dog? To be accepted without judgment? Parents may have experienced being everything to their small children. (But like all phases, this passes when they become preteens. And then they get a dog.)

    With practice we can be Donnie to each other, holding up the mirror.
    The challenging part that Donnie overcomes in his childlike awe and non-judgmental acceptance is that we may trust Donnie not to have ulterior motives.
    But do we trust each other?
    Are there power dynamics to maintain? Old history of perceived slights or betrayal? Old history of somebody else’s betrayal or slights? Can we be truly happy for each other’s successes or do we, like Tony mentions, always compare?

    Who will you be Donnie for today?

    • Beautiful contemplation that I too had for a while until something shifted. I will try to share what I found during my discovery below.

      Yes I feel we can all be mirrors to each other, but perhaps only when it comes natural, like Donnie. Not by doing, but by being. We all have him inside of us, if only we connect more to the source being that we are. The one that “just is”. Isnt that the most beautiful mirror we can be?

      I think indeed we can practice being Donnie. By acknowledging what is and go back to the now.
      For instance when our minds wander off to the past, or we compare. Just acknowledge there is the experience of the mind going back to the past. Then be here for the inner child that may indeed felt hurt during a past event, acknowledge the pain (s)he felt, see him/her and take it back to this present moment with you. When we do that more and more, it becomes a habit to be here.

      An amazing exercise to know when you are connected to your natural state of being, I discovered is to follow the feeling we have.
      When we wander off to the thought if I can trust someone, or going back to certain events in the past, how do I feel comparing to how I feel when I am in the present moment? Why is that? I wondered. That when I am here, feeling the warmth on my skin because of the fireplace, hearing a bird sing in the tree near the house, or listening to the upmost silence in the house, that I feel immediate peace and bliss? The answer I received, is because THAT is my original state of being.

      Does it mean I never mistrust someone, never doubt anything or my mind never wanders off to something painful that happened a while back? Of course I am! But oftentimes I catch myself doing it and I can take myself back here. And so yes, we can practice that!

      Interesting question “Do we trust each other?”
      Another one that pops into my mind is “Do we trust ourselves?”

      When I connect more and more to my natural state of being I can look at the people who did something in the past with understanding and love and sometimes feel gratitude even, because as a soul I therefor learned so much.
      When I am more connected to my natural state of being it doesn’t matter whether I can trust someone else or not, I trust me!
      When someone is not good for me (or themselves) for instance, it says nothing about me! And as I am here FOR ME, I have the choice to walk away and choose people who match my frequency better, or if its a person close to me, I may be able to help him connect to his true self as well. No matter what they do I trust me. What I am; sourcebeing. Just like the other person. And that feels immediately better!

      I feel yes we can be truly happy for each others successes and yes we may still always compare. When we stay present and notice we do, we can go back to our natural state of being. The one, that just is.

      The main thing I learned from Donnie and Tony’s story is to go back to the joy. In everything. In my music career its not about the career its about the joy in making music. In relationships; when its not that fun at the moment, I look at the moments that are fun, things I am very grateful and happy about, give them attention and before my eyes I see it become more and more. When its cold outside I enjoy the evening sun by going to the attic window and enjoy sitting in it while its still there.

      These are just a few, I could write for hours about my journey back to the now. 😉

      Thank you for sharing your contemplation Charlotte!
      I hope have a Donnie ful day! ✨

      Love, Eyra

    • Thank you Amy! For your beautiful words and recognition! I so agree with you! We all have it inside of us. How blessed we are that souls like Donnie and Tony cross our paths!

    • I had the same Joanna! That part striked me as well! What good is success when you have no one to share it with? Relationships are so important! Luckily with the technology we can still stay in touch and call each other. Close our eyes, listen to the voice in our ear and feel they are so close to us, no matter where we are.