May I Ask This Favor?


Today, we wake and start our day with a newly elected President. At least half of the country is furious and many believe we’ve elected someone who can’t be trusted. Or worse.

Today, it doesn’t matter if you voted Democrat or Republican: the polls showed that many in this most contentious election in recent history voted against someone, instead of for someone.

Today is also the day to remember elections prey on our tendencies to see things in black and white; in fact candidates encourage that polarization in their attempt to differentiate themselves. And yet, today is also the day to remember that much of life happens in shades of gray.

Today is the day to be united in our resolve that we are stronger together than we could ever be individually. If you have any doubts, close your eyes and think back to 9/11.

This is a day to notify of all our elected officials that we are turning the page, and demand they be responsive and responsible as this country moves forward. The American people deserve a government that works for the people, as it was first written in the Constitution.

As we make peace with our new leader, we should remember it took our Founders 116 days to produce the final draft of the Constitution. Nothing worthy happens overnight and while we may disagree vehemently, our country is stronger for those who embrace the time and effort necessary to see all sides of an argument, and who then have the courage to make informed decisions.

We aren’t perfect, but we live in the greatest democracy ever. Whatever our personal feelings about the election or our new President, today is the day for olive branches.

Ilene Slatko
Ilene Slatko joined Farr, Miller & Washington in early 2017 as a Vice President of Business Development. She will be bringing her financial education seminars back to the DC area; in particular, her long standing, “Women and Their Money” program. Her knowledge and insights have helped make the difference for many who have sat through her presentations and seminars. Ms. Slatko comes to Farr, Miller & Washington from Delaware Shareholder Services, where, as Principal, she followed bankrupt publicly traded companies for stakeholders around the globe. Prior to DSS, she spent 24 years as a Financial Advisor working with high-net-worth individuals, having started with Merrill Lynch prior to the Crash of 1987.


  1. I recognize we, as a country and citizenry, have used the terms “democracy” and “republic” almost interchangeably. I fall on the side of our form of government being a republic, for it can be used without any modifiers (such as representative democracy, as was used by John Adams in 1794).

    And, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, when asked by a passerby what sort of government the constitutional convention had formulated for the new nation, he memorably replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”



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