May Division Not be the Vision

If there is a fence, does it call for people on both sides? What if we all gather on one side, agree to disagree, look at the other side of the fence as a platform to build our dreams, and reposition the fence as we expand?

‘Perspective’ is a powerful word but there are a couple of equally powerful words that can be derived from it. ‘Peer’ and ‘Respect’. We often hear the phrase ‘peer pressure’ and know its meaning. Since our world is colored by breathtaking diversity, there is a dire need to respect a peer’s perspective. This alone will help us march towards solidarity.

Now more than ever, there seem to be walls erected in most realms such as politics, religion, race, and so on.

As we embrace the unknown, irrespective of the title or capacity, may division not be our vision. Instead, let’s give ourselves an opportunity to experience the magic when visions collide and create synergies unprecedented.

I learned early on that music is a language with numerous dialects. Like most of us, there are certain genres that I gravitate towards and though hard, I do respect all styles. My personal preferences do not offer me the license to condemn other forms of music. If not for a variety of genres, would music be so appealing? Rather, it will be appalling.

What makes this stance remotely possible is the love for the language of music. If you love a language, you have to respect all dialects. No matter what tune you play on a piano, the available set of keys remain the same. It’s how the keys are arranged to create a piece.

Interestingly, in music, all 12 major keys have notes that are common! What a way to define co-existence.

It’s time we intentionally search for similarities amongst differences. The hour has come for us to consider humankind a language and respect its evolution over the years that has birthed myriad perspectives.

May division not be the vision. How about we re-spell vision as WEsion?

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Ranjith Abraham
Ranjith Abrahamhttps://milesapartmusic.com/
Ranjith Abraham is a pharmaceutical professional focussed on patient safety through accurate labeling. He is also the songwriter/piano player for Miles Apart, a global musical endeavor that enables friends around the globe to collaborate and create music virtually. He believes in storytelling and in the mantra that no matter how trivial our offerings are, we must allow the recipients to define their worth. Though challenging, Ranjith is grateful for the opportunity to parent his son and daughter. Born and raised in India, he now lives with his wife and kids in Philadelphia. Ranjith draws inspiration to write from life lessons that are tucked away in the insignificant happenings around him. His passion for music/photography fuels creativity and helps him genuinely connect with people. A firm believer of the equation ‘Leadership = Servanthood’, Ranjith’s vision is to positively influence people so they can impact their world through timely and meaningful contributions.