Master These 5 Employee Management Tips For a Happier, More Productive Workforce

Happy employees are productive because they become more engaged in their work. As a result, they can laser-focus on their tasks and their outputs’ quality.

Conversely, miserable, dissatisfied employees are less attentive and less likely to give their best at work. This negatively impacts their and your company’s performance.

That’s how critical employee management and engagement is for your business — whether you’re a startup, small enterprise, or large organization.

Check out five employee management strategies that can help produce a happier, more productive workforce for your company.

1. Keep a balanced working schedule and environment.

Work hours and environments are among the essential factors affecting employee happiness and productivity. Here are some ways to keep them well-balanced:

Manage your workers’ hours.

If your business runs 24/7 or you handle workers with different shifts, arrange their schedules appropriately.

Ensure that your employees get the proper number of weekly working days and time off. Monitor overtimes and negotiate with the best people for shift swaps. You should also double-check that they have sufficient breaks to recharge their energy and efficiency.

Simplify these tasks by leveraging employee shift rostering software with automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Automation features can instantly convert working hours into equivalent wages according to your company policies and applicable regulations. They also notify you when employees don’t get enough breaks in between.

On the other hand, the AI can arrange shifts according to employee tenure, experience, skills, availability, and others.

Employee scheduling tools even have intuitive calendars you can view monthly, weekly, and daily to guide your shift rostering tasks.

Foster a relaxed working environment.

Depending on your business’ dynamics, keep your working environment relatively casual rather than highly tense and rigid.

You don’t want your employees to be all work and no play. You also want to prevent making them feel like it’s sinful to take a break.

If this is how they are with their jobs, they won’t sing a happy working song. They’ll soon feel dissatisfied and decide to leave.

Stop that from happening by keeping your working atmosphere pleasant and exciting. Encourage your employees to take proper pantry breaks, and have conversations centered on common interests.

For example, if you’re into TV series, you can discuss whether they’ve watched seasons 1 and 2 of New Amsterdam on Amazon Prime. You can also share the latest about your favorite sports teams, and more.

With balanced working schedules and environments, your staff can embrace and look forward to coming to work every day.

3. Enhance your team’s workplace collaboration.

When team members move in the same direction and work together, the likelihood of reaching targets increases.

Once they complete a project successfully, they will rejoice and celebrate each other’s contributions.

They will also feel a strong sense of accomplishment, motivating them to stay and keep working for your company.

Enhance your team’s collaboration in these ways:

Clarify essential assignment information.

Define your project scope and objectives and ensure everyone has the same understanding of critical terms or activities.

For instance, when organizing a virtual summit, establish the difference between a summit and a conference (or other events).

A summit convenes highly influential leaders to resolve top-level issues, while conferences gather generic industry players to exchange ideas, and so on.

Knowing key project information like this aligns your team’s tasks, the messages you will craft, materials to procure, etc.

Centralize your task management.

Have one place for group members to view your project’s status, schedule, and to-do’s. This keeps everyone on the same page and makes coordination more seamless.

Team project management platforms are the best tools for centralizing your tasks. With this software, you can:

  • View project calendars
  • Add, assign, and comment on tasks
  • Upload and share files for the team’s access
  • Chat internally
  • Update tasks’ progress (or categorize according to their status), and more.

Host outdoor team outings.

Have a change of scenery and get your team members to bond through outdoor outings.

Assign your HR or a designated group to arrange a proper program. Fill it with collaborative games, getting-to-know-each-other activities, etc.

Once your employees return to their workplace, they can better feel at ease, relate, and coordinate with their colleagues.

4. Develop your employees’ professional skills.

Prioritize staff development to improve your employees’ skills and workplace performance. This also elevates their confidence, knowing they can more effectively contribute to your company’s success and grow professionally.

Hold training sessions relevant to your workers’ jobs, including other complementary skills. You can even sign them up for conferences that share up-to-date information.

For instance, if you’re a marketing agency, educate your team on the top digital marketing strategies for 2021. Or enroll them in advanced digital marketing courses offered by first-class institutions.

If you’re a bakeshop, tap a renowned pastry chef to teach pastry arts to your staff. You can even prepare bakers for promotion by training them in bakery management.

Consider also tapping internal human resources to train employees from other departments on skills useful for project collaborations.

Additionally, create departmental and individualized career development roadmaps you can craft with your employees.

Identify their strengths and skills gaps to determine the best intervention and enhancement programs for them.

5. Cultivate a supportive workplace.

Know that your staff can be susceptible to life stressors affecting employee productivity. After all, they are not robots mechanically operating without a hitch. Rather, they’re human beings whose life experiences can distress and cause them to fail bringing their A-game at work.

Show genuine care for your employees and help them remain productive while going through these unexpected circumstances. You can do that by fostering a supportive working environment and offering appropriate assistance.

Earnestly discuss the situation with your employees to know their needs and the possible solutions you can give.

Collaborate with your HR in supporting employees according to what they’re going through. You can provide financial packages, counseling, alternative working schemes (e.g., working from home), and more.

By helping employees in personal troubles impacting their performance, you can alleviate their stress and gradually get them back on track.

Don’t underestimate the power of excellent employee management.

Managing your employees properly can revolutionize your company’s performance. So, see how you can enhance their collaboration, your workplace environment, and other aspects with these and other strategies. Watch how your employees’ happiness and productivity improve and extract insights from the results. Then modify your strategies accordingly.

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