Health is wealth, and jobs in the medical or healthcare field can pay handsomely. You don’t have to be a GP, surgeon or specialist to make a respectable wage, there are lots of other career options that pay well and give you fantastic job satisfaction in the process. Here are a few ideas.


As a midwife, you get to help bring life into the world which of course can be incredibly rewarding. Having a baby can be one of the most challenging things a woman will ever go through, and being able to help them through this and make their experience as positive as possible means you can go home each night knowing you made a difference. You could study a midwifery program online or go to university and study full time, whichever suits you. However you go about it, once you’ve qualified you get to enjoy a good wage to reward you for your hard work.

Mental Health Nurse

If you don’t want to go down the route of general nursing or have more of an interest in psychology, mental health nursing could be for you. While there is some overlap with general nursing in that you will be providing overall care, administering medication and some personal care jobs- the focus is on mental rather than physical health. You will be making assessments, you could be visiting patients in their homes or taking care of them in hospital. You will be liaising with doctors, psychologists and family members to work out a plan of action for their care. The aim is to put them on a good path and get them back to good health, on the right medication and have them back out living their best lives.


When we think of healthcare it’s easy to think of doctors and nurses, but looking after our oral health is also very important. Dental work can be complex and be painful and traumatic for the patient, as a good dentist you will need to be skilled in your job as well as be able to put people at ease and look after them in the right way. Dentists can earn a fantastic wage, and if you set up your own successful practice then the sky’s the limit. It usually takes around eight years to become a dentist (which includes getting a degree initially) so if you don’t have this much time to spare to change your career, a dental nurse is a good option. Of course, this isn’t as well paid as a dentist but it’s still a great way to get involved in the career if you have an interest in dentistry. It’s a well paid and well respected career.

Many jobs within the health and medical sector are well paid, but of course the longer you study for and the more qualified you are, the more you’re likely to earn. But that’s not to say you can’t earn a very good income working other jobs in the health field.

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