Marketing Strategies That Retailers Mightn’t Have Thought Of

Retailers have a lot to look after, from suppliers and employees to customers. Marketing could fall by the wayside because of that. If you’re too focused on certain things, the rest suffer accordingly. While some advertising tasks can be automated, you’ll still need to put effort into most of them.

To take advantage of this properly, you’ll need to use the right marketing strategies. That’s where things could get a little complicated. What are the best options for retailers? You might be using social media and other methods already but mightn’t be getting the results you want.

You should consider adding a few other marketing strategies into this.

Overlooked Marketing Strategies For Retailers

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has exploded in popularity across multiple industries in recent years. Retailers don’t have to be left out of this. In contrast, they could add to your marketing efforts quite significantly. The key to this is identifying influencers that are relevant to your target customers.

These could be smaller, more local influencers or nationally-known larger ones. Once you’ve targeted them, a partnership where they advertise your business or products could drastically improve your sales.

Influencers will typically be found on Instagram and other social media platforms. They usually have high engagement rates on their profiles, so your ad will see the maximum amount of exposure.

SMS Marketing

You mightn’t have thought about retail SMS marketing. It can be one of the more affordable marketing strategies you can pick, however. Smartphones have reached a point where it’s uncommon to see someone without them. Since everyone has their phone, you can use it to market to them.

Social media and other methods can be relatively easily ignored. It’s more difficult to do so with text messages. Naturally, that increases your chances of developing a lead and converting them into a sale.

Text messages are also low-cost, which gives SMS marketing one of the more cost-effective marketing strategies to choose.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs might seem like an old idea. There’s a reason that the strategy has stuck around for as long as it has, however. It’s been shown to increase foot traffic and sales for many retailers. After all, you’re giving customers more of a reason to come back and buy from you.

You’ll need to give them enough of an incentive to do so. Starbucks, for example, gives customers a free beverage after a certain number of purchases. Multiple other brands use the technique in the same way.

After a while, your retailer could become a customer’s preferred outlet, as visiting your premises will become a habit. 

Wrapping Up

With the wealth of marketing strategies on offer, it could be difficult to choose between them. For retailers, that could be especially true. After all, you’ll want to convert leads into sales relatively quickly. Each of the above methods should have an impact on your revenue.

At a minimum, they should increase interest in and foot traffic into your retail outlet. You’ll need to plan things out properly, however. Should you do so, you’ll have no problem growing your business.

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