Marijuana Herbs and Your CBD Oil for Pets

Medicinal herbs were the basis of medicine in ancient times. The Sumerians used hundreds of plants, and this even included opium. The Egyptians had written records that covered more than 850 medicinal herbs. A Greek soldier of the Roman army, Dioscorides, made mention of about 600 plants from which more than a thousand herbal medicinal recipes were created. These recipes were used for more than 1500 years! Till today, many are partly or wholly dependent on medicinal herbs for their medical needs.

Plants yields thousands of compounds that have been used for all sorts of things, including to ward off insects and to combat diseases of all types including fungal, bacterial and virus-caused diseases. A number of phytochemicals have been identified that have shown bio-activity. You may want to check here for a list of some medicinal plants!

From Ancient to Modern Times

The marijuana herb, like many other herbal plants, have sundry phytochemicals located in just it alone. Using the entire marijuana plant as a remedy without first isolating each phytochemical has been a subject of controversy; as those who argue against such claim that the efficacy of that method is uncertain if not outright harmful. In the case of marijuana, the psychoactive THC has been an issue. On the other hand, some argue that the presence of THC in any marijuana product makes it more effective. However, those that think otherwise argue that both the content and medical functions of these bio-agents are at odds. Using them together, they claim, cancels both out or portends other risks.

CBD may be a modern derivative, but the plant from which it was extracted from has been in use for therapeutic uses for ages in several parts of the world. It has equally been used in recent times, however, the extraction of CBD makes its benefit available for lots who ordinarily would have avoided it because of it psychoactive properties. By psychoactive, we mean the properties of the plant that makes people get “high”. The extraction of CBD oil equally makes marijuana of benefit to your pet.

An Irresistible Attraction

Many people are attracted to CBD, just like they do to other herbal extracts, for several reasons. The affordability of herbal medicinal alternatives cannot be ignored when considering the reason for their attraction. Compared to traditional alternatives, they come out quite cheaper.

The herbal market, of which CBD is part of, is estimated presently in the hundreds of billions of dollars. The implication is that there will be many folks whose reason for producing CBD oil might not be noble. This situation presents the possibility of having a market flooded with products that are not genuine.

Sadly, there is sparse regulation when it comes to herbal medicine in so many countries. You can learn more about the extent of regulation here: https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/herbal-supplements/art-20046714. Often, the management of the industry is left to sheer market forces. Thankfully, WHO is making efforts with regards to herbal medical alternatives to ensure commonsensical practices and safety.

Regardless of the lack of regulation, the immediate pharmacological benefit of marijuana herbs, the provision of financial benefits that come from planting, processing, distributing and retailing of its products, with the attendant spillover in taxes and employment opportunities, will continue to see to the maintenance and rise of CBD as a medical alternative despite its not having received its due in scientific backing, sufficient funding and government regulation.

Another challenge all herbal medical alternatives face come from the environment. The quality of the oil you can give your pet is directly dependent on certain factors: climate change, soil condition, pollution and other factors.

Created with Value

It has been shown that every plant has some advantages due to the unique chemical compounds within it. An example is the bitter-tasting alkaloids that converge in toxic levels in plants in areas the plants ordinary would have been vulnerable to herbivores. The plant is protected as a result. These same alkaloids are extracted for use in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

The CBD available for your pet is equally the result of harnessing a plant’s potential benefit. In the case of marijuana, equally known as Cannabis, there are so many bio-active compounds in excess of more than 80! Your pet becomes a beneficiary of these bio-chemicals that have been shown to provide medicinal value in many conditions.

Organic CBD Oil Is Good for Your Pet

Since CBD was isolated, the possibility of getting just the beneficial value of marijuana became feasible. The exclusion of THC removes the possibility of your pet getting high. As a result, CBD is today used for the alleviation of all sorts of pain and this includes migraines, arthritis, neurological pains, and quite a lot of other pains. Its use is not just restricted to pains as it has equally been used in the treatment of epilepsy and other seizures. It has even been used for cancer cases too.

With CBD, marijuana has become another proof of the pharmacological value of plants. Your pet can benefit from this value as you use CBD oil to treat your pet’s ailments. As has been shown here of herbal remedies, there is actually no regulation yet for CBD products; but you can get support and guidance from holistapet.

Always remember that, like other herbal remedies, a lot of people are into it just for the financial gains. The fusion of a lack of regulation with commercial gain could create exploitative hawks. This, therefore, leaves you with the imperative of always vetting any CBD product you intend for your pet.

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