Managing Your Website : Should You Hire Someone Or Do It Yourself?


We all know how incredibly important a website is for many businesses today. By virtue of online marketing, websites have come from optional to significant in the span of just a few decades. Now, any business big or small can’t be looked upon with respect if they don’t have some form of online presence.

And with more than 1 billion websites today, it seems that websites will continue to be a ‘must have’ for all brands all over the world. Setting up a website can be easily done today with DIY website builders and web designers for hire. But once you start owning one, you’ll also realize the many problems and responsibilities that come with managing a website.

The primary purpose of a website is to give people information about a product or a service. If it’s not working properly (slow site speed and broken links), you will be giving your audience a pretty bad time. And we all know how important consumer experiences is for the success of the brand. As much as possible you’d want your consumers to have the best website experience.

In order to stand out and compete, your website must be updated with the latest information your customers will find relevant. You want content that will engage readers. You want a strategy that will have them coming back. Maintaining your website should be one of your priority, as much as running your business offline.

But the question that we’re all asking is : should you manage your website yourself? Or hire someone to do it for you?

Hiring Someone Vs. Doing It Yourself

There are lots of benefits in hiring or outsourcing your website to an expert. If you’re not tech-savvy and know not a thing about building websites, a professional web-designer can surely do the job quicker and better than you. He can also suggest creative ways to enhance the content on your website.

If your goal is to get your website up and running as fast as possible, hiring a web designer to manage and set up your website for you is the best choice.

However, the problem with outsourcing your website maintenance is that your web designer can disappear and with him passwords, domain access and other critical information you need.

Other things to take into consideration is the fact that your web designer might not be very reliable. In this case, either you find a new web designer or make sure you have access to important information such as the domain, host, and passwords.

But if you feel you’re perfectly capable of doing the maintenance yourself, and you want to save some money, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the cost-benefit of using your time to maintain your website as opposed to other business related activities? Sure you’ll have to pay the web-designer, but isn’t your time better spent drumming up business?
  • A website is really a tool that you should use to generate business. If you get distracted with maintaining it, you will be wasting valuable time.
  • Are you going to do major tasks or maybe just some of the easier ones?

On the other hand, there are benefits to doing the maintenance yourself. Websites are continuously being hacked. If you can do small things, like changing the passwords or regularly doing the back-ups yourself, it could be worth your time. Also, there are many website builder specifics offered by each builder which you’ll find useful for your system.

I personally believe that with all the tools available on the internet, there is no reason why you can’t maintain your own websites. Websites are so important to the health of your business that you really can’t afford to leave critical information in the hands of others.

If the only real constraint is time, then outsource most of it, but be sure to learn how to do it yourself in case of an emergency. Or you could do a little of both. Leave major design changes to the expert, while you retain control of important information and do the back-end maintenance yourself.


Armela Escalona
Armela Escalona
ARMELA is a freelance writer and content marketer. Her works have been published in various blogs, magazines, and new sites on the web. She writes about business, startups, and technology

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