Managing The Hell Out Of Life – Part 7

Catching people before they fall

I was out shopping with my children today. We walked past an elderly gentleman. I looked back, he had fallen, heavily on the floor.  I dropped my bags and ran back to help. The children followed, they know the drill. If someone needs help we go.

He was ok, we got a chair from the shop opposite to sit him on and luckily no major damage has been caused. His knee had simply given way whilst he was trying to walk.  His wife was there and holding my arm said: “thank you so much to everyone for all of your help”. Her vulnerability and relief at the support and compassion of strangers was palpable. But it made me think, let’s not wait for someone to fall in life before stepping in and let’s not fall in life before asking for help.


Managing The Hell Out Of Life – Part 6

Today was a good day, we got to help someone when they needed it.  It would be great to a achieve that every day.  That’s a KPI I can work to.

Fear versus trust

A couple of thoughts on fear versus trust.  One is finite the other infinite.  One grows stagnant whilst the other flows. One becomes too full to allow anything or anyone in whilst the other always has room.  It doesn’t have to be a ‘leap of faith’ choosing trust over fear, it can just be common sense.

Passion and purpose

I read a lot about finding your passion and your purpose in life. I may be atypical but I don’t think it’s that easy.  You don’t just wake up one day and ‘get it’ nor do I believe that it’s one constant thing throughout your life.  For me, Mother Nature, fate, reality whatever you what to call it has generally had to step in as I’ve been too blinkered, suborn and afraid of change to follow the signs. Somewhat ironic given my career in transformation but as the saying goes ‘the cobblers children never have any shoes’. It has only been in the face of adversity that I finally get ‘something’, see a purpose and have allowed myself to feel and escape into a passion.

So, I guess it’s not about waiting for a eureka moment, a revolution, finding a quick fix or being saved. It’s just not going to happen and if it does it won’t be sustainable. Just like crash diets ultimately fail so will a life without genuine intent and truth.

I think it’s about:

  • Embracing life, both the good and the bad
  • Being open-minded and curious
  • Being patient
  • Following your gut instinct
  • Being brave enough to stick with your instinct no matter what conventional wisdom tells you

I haven’t crashed and burned yet despite a few close calls so maybe there is something in this.

Presenting who you really are

I’ve changed my LinkedIn profile. I changed it because I don’t want to present an ‘airbrushed’ version of my ‘best self’. I want to present my true self. I decided to do this because I realised that I will not attract people with whom I can make a real connection or find ‘my tribe’ if I do not present my authentic self.

So I’ve taken out many of the professional buzzwords that people often search for and replaced them with words that more honestly represent who I am, what I am interested in and what I do. Again, it’s not a classic career move but one that gives me a better chance of meeting people who I can truly learn from, share my journey and hopefully also help them on theirs. Let’s re-define success based on who we really are not who other people think you should be.

The irony of life

The irony of life. It’s all about reverse engineering. Upside down. Arse about face. Whatever description or metaphor you choose, it’s an inverse relationship.

  • The beauty is always in the imperfection.
  • I only started to appreciate life when I saw others lose theirs.
  • I only started to accumulate real wealth when I reached my credit card limits
  • I only experienced authentic relationships when I was too vulnerable to make any
  • I only understood the impact of my actions when I looked at the scars inflicted on me by others
  • I only understood my value when I admitted my failings
  • I only worked out how to do something by getting it wrong in the first place
  • I only learnt how to be truly sorry when others couldn’t forgive me

I’m not ‘there’, I’ll never be ‘there’ but now that I can accept that, I can focus on what is within my gift not outside of it.


Nik Davis
Nik Davis
NIK DAVIS is a business transformation expert and has spent 20 years in the corporate world. Her comfort zone is order, logic and applying analytical tools to solve complex problems. She is also a keen observer of life, a writer and eccentric. Nik has recently returned to the world of work after taking a career break to spend time with her family. Upon her return, she found that her perspective had changed, as had the world she was returning to. Nik decided to carve out a new place in that world and mould some of it to fit her too. Nik sees life from quirky angles, shaped by experiences and the vast amount of knowledge we now have access to. She likes to write about her experiences and observations. To ‘tell it how it is’ and to find a more authentic way to live, whether in our professional or personal lives. Nik often talks about finding ‘The Third Way’. It’s a philosophy about life, having a personal life as well as a career, making money and being socially generous, being logical and sensitive, living by the rules of a society but not being afraid to challenge them, inspiring others to feel good but not for your own ego, giving rather than taking. Nik wants to make a difference to this world by getting people to see things differently, to try new ways of working but most of all, to re-discover our true selves and therefore reach our true potential. Nik also has two other persona’s: nikdavis which is where Nik writes about her deeply personal experiences of life. Nik runs a facebook group alongside this website to create a safe place for people to discuss the topics that are raised in her blog. Nik’s second persona is Lilly Isabella and this is where she shares her passion of fashion and design.

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