Malthus, Corona, Climate, Ukraine – Is a Civil Insurrection Even Possible in the Modern World?

I started this post almost two and a half years ago, shortly after the outbreak of corona. For some reason, after a month, decided to put it aside and wait. Dunno for what. Just sit it out and watch how the events unravel. I think now, 3 years after the pandemic, with some more global disasters looming or already happening, conclusions are begging to be drawn – on so many levels.

So let’s begin.

Malthus was a cleric, an economist, and a demograph of the 18th century. Naturally, he believed God will manage everything, including the imbalance between human overpopulation and the scarcity of available food. The divine Intervention, if you like. One would think then that the Industrial revolution, science, and secularism would render his theories obsolete . And thus, in the beginning of the 20th century, he was duly relegated to the scrap heap of history – the Machine has won and with it, its Master, Inventor, and an overall Human Genius. Both Socialism and Capitalism were supposed to make the world deliriously prosperous and happy – two heavens on Earth, in their respective zones of control. End of, you might think.

But looking from a distance of a bird’s eye of almost 200 years, I get this uneasy feeling that Dr. Malthus is shaking his head with a sad grin of disbelief from his Cloud 9 up there, because his theory is as potent and relevant as ever. The ‘God’ has never actually left our world, he just changed his guise. And regrettably, the new deity operates under rather questionable morals. The Enlightenment and Secularism have crowned the Man as a new omnipotent centre of universe, placing over-exuberant belief in his rationality and goodness. The scientific advances since the middle of the 19th century to the present day have rendered the human race drunk with a feeling of unbridled limitless power. A power that was very restricted – by a socio-religious construct – only 150 years ago.

All Hail New King!

The problem is that the modern deity, skipping over centuries of monotheism,  reminded more of a Greek and Roman ones, which were basically immortal humans. With the same passions, flaws, and behaviours of ordinary mortals, just that they lived forever. Well, until some hero managed to take them out, somehow.

All sense of responsibility and accountability seem to have permanently left our modern progressive system.

Why have I been thinking of Malthus lately? Just because the coronavirus pandemic has forcefully jolted my mind, instinctively pushing him forward into my awareness. And looking back, I see a thread of a pattern here. Ditching overseeing morally responsible deity, humans came up with their own ever-shifting codex of ideas, resulting in several wars with multi-million casualties, endless famines, global looting, exploitation, and deprivation. And I am not talking former colonies in the 3d world and their 1st world masters. As the last 10 years have shown us, the 1st World has successfully set itself up on the path of self-destruction, globalisation being the ‘useful’ tool. If in the days of Old, the fear of divine wrath or peasant uprising might have held the rulers in check, today, in our ‘democracy’ and “enlightened” ways, leaders of nations and business seem to be totally devoid of any fear of retribution, because the ‘punishment’ is rather mild – dis-election, loss of some millions (what are a measly dozens of millions to a billionaire?).  All sense of responsibility and accountability seem to have permanently left our modern progressive system. The mechanism is so immensely efficient, that the plebs patiently await 4 or 5 years, or sometimes longer (when there is no limit to the number of terms the PM or President can serve), to change the old bad “manager” for the worse. That’s the punishment for the gross mismanagement of nations. And in the business world, the situation is even more dire, because the meek and silent rank-n-file don’t have a say in top appointments, and are the first to pay for the gross dysfunction, misjudgment, fraud and overall idiocy of the corporate psychopath CEOs (WeWork, Theranos, Uber, FTX et al).

So, yes, sadly we have traded the transcendental morality of the universal Gods of Old for modern human deities of Me(Too:)). And why the current coronavirus pandemic reminded me of Malthus? Not only due to the mass hysteria of global human cull, but because this calamity as well is of human making – be it the virus itself or the collective handling of the situation – spreading across the world in a masterstroke of omnipresent political tyranny.

Lo and Behold, the corona scare just subsided and we have new Riders of Doom: the climate change and the war in Ukraine. Both are tooted to affect and change our lives forever – and probably not for the better.

I have this persistent nagging feeling that we, as societies, are driving ourselves to perdition by our own civil apathy and resignation. Despite the incessant indoctrination – or maybe delusion – of the democratic faculty of the individuum, on which we were raised for the last 150 years, looking at the empirical results, during this very period, I only see a clever manipulation of elites to rule forever, but not the exercise of people’s power to check them. What did we have on the menu: 2 world wars, changes of regimes in Russia, China, Cuba, and new geo-political formations (India-Pakistan, Israel, Bangladesh)? But after a certain running period, the New Elites settled nicely into the ‘old shoes’ of their predecessors.

If anything, the pandemic did us an unmeasurable service as an eyeopener with regard to the true nature of Western “democracy” – all pretexts of personal sovereignty and autonomy simply disappeared at once, the superficial thin clingfilm of individual rights quickly came off when the Doctrine of Fear was introduced.

At a snap of a finger, emergency laws were issued in the pillars of democracy like Australia, the UK, the US, and other places, with segregation, government surveillance, and tracking of citizens (for their own safety of course), green passes, and QR codes. Together with pitching groups of people against each other, silencing differing scientific opinions, while censoring and persecuting academics who dared to question prevailing ‘scientific’ narrative (Galileo anyone?), blunt discrimination against non-compliant individuals, and much more.

3 years on, despite those measures being removed in most countries, there have been irreversible changes that the ruling parties are careful to not disclose to their people: amendments to the WHO definitions of pandemic and pandemic response, changes to the Human and Dignity Rights in its statute. Most of the nations are signed up to WHO, withholding, from their “subjects”, crucial information regarding its operation and policy updates. Except for one clown who dared to stand against it – Donald Trump. Even a broken clock can show the correct time twice a day – refusing to blindly follow WHO was probably Trump’s right stroke.

Resting a bit after the pandemic, a new global disaster drum is being sound – the climate change. It is overshadowed only by the crazy invasion of Russia into Ukraine. In a somewhat cynically twisted way, it silenced the corona scare and keeping the climate debate muted – people are still reeling from the economic side effects of the pandemic, exacerbated by the crushing cost of living due to the energy situation, with the nuclear threat on top of all.

Keeping the masses in constant fear and survival mode seems like a God-sent recipe for unbridled freedom of action on governments’ part.  Few are paying attention that the floodgates have been widely opened for accelerated monetary digitisation, global streamlining of laws, and biometric surveillance. The ‘little people’ are too busy trying to rebuild their lives to notice what their ‘democratic leaders’ are doing for their collective good.. And some stuff is just taken out of Hollywood horror sci-fi.

I was always the one to shun conspiracy theories and their ardent devotees – I found them amusing at best, and heavily mental on average. The NWOs, Great Reset, Agenda 21, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, 5G, Lizardians, and all that club of alleged puppeteers who are supposed to have us all on their money strings, keeping us barely alive, just so we can obediently go on  working for them, making them ever richer. The sad fact is that the current events and the response of the governmental elites to the challenges before them, seem to be the heyday of the tinfoilers, out of their rabbit holes, triumphantly airing them en-mass in the broad day light, gleefully pointing their fingers saying “we told you”. “Alex Joneses” and “David Ickes” seem to be replicating themselves like single cell cultures, ‘validated’ by the mainstream stupor to push against unreasonable policies.

And this brings me to the fundamental issue of the extreme inexplicable ease with which the majority succumbed to the forcefully hammered fear, relinquished all critical thinking, and let themselves be abused: medically, psychologically, physically, financially, personally. How many protested corona measures? Insignificant fraction of the population everywhere. They were vilified, slandered, arrested, and persecuted. Tomorrow climate emergency will be declared, implemented by draconian measures to save you from yourself – will you obey?

My personal conclusion is that despite the universal criticism and suspicion toward the government, the majority does not believe it is intrinsically malicious. It may well be bad and even evil, but not intentionally harmful. After all, it is supposed to protect and keep us safe. Despite social atomisation, radical individualism, and propagandist brainwashing of decades, the mainstream seems to be zombified to an extent not seen until corona. And we should all thank it for tearing the mask off our so-called ‘democracy’. “Democracy” whose leaders skillfully manipulate the fractured society, to play each part into the desired scheme.

End-of-world conversation has not abated, and the war in Ukraine just makes it more poignant. People are talking WW3, so I want to dust off a very relevant poem from WW2:

Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Why I find it so relevant to the present time? Because corona made it very clear that ‘they’ came for all of us: gays, straight, black, white, smart and dumb, men, women, trans, and in some parts (like Denmark with minks) even animals. Nobody was exempt. So tomorrow, when the next global disaster is announced by some supra-national unelected organisation,  my hope is for this lesson to be remembered and learned. Then, it won’t be a negligent minority, branded anti-scientific conspirators, who will take to the streets, but the vast dominant strong mainstream – not frightened, silent, and apathetic – who will reclaim their natural right to decide on their life.



Vickie Zisman
Vickie Zisman
Historian and a blogger (a story weaver), Vickie daylights as a marketing communications professional, specialising in brand building, content, digital media and cross cultural environment. Works with businesses and organizations across all industries in the private and public sectors. In her spare time likes to deconstruct modern management myths. Believes: 1. The Torch of Erasmus still shines bright in the digital era. 2. Word carries the Power of Change - into a positive ROI as well. 3. Capitalism can be humane and benefit all, when applied wisely 4. Technology is the tool not the goal. 5. Human is ABOVE the Machine. Highly allergic to self-righteous hypocrites, universal moral preachers et al. Incurable, politically incorrect, cynic. Mad cat-lover. Vegetarian. Proud Israeli.

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