Making a Difference …

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.      

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever pondered on “Why are you here?”

That is a question that sooner or later we will look in the mirror and ask ourselves. When that time comes, you and I will actually find the answer in our hearts, and, our lives will become more focused and complete. Can we honestly look at the person in the mirror and ask, “Did you make a difference in the world yesterday?”   “Did you share your brilliance with others?”

Many years ago, I heard of an extremely successful man, and who is a multi-millionaire today, who once said that he only wanted his name and the inscription on his tombstone -“I made a Difference“. He had figured out why he was here and how he could use his God entrusted talents to help others to better themselves in life.

When you look in a mirror today, whoever you are, where ever you may be, whether you are an executive in control of thousands of careers, or a simple employee working for a someone else, or maybe self- employed, or any one of many thousands of different professions, it doesn’t matter.

What matters most is that you come in contact with people daily on a personal and professional basis by phone–mail–email–face to face–and with people you know well and others you may have just met. You can be one of two types of people that others have opinions of. You can be a person that people like to see coming or one that people like to see leaving. Usually, the people that have figured out “why they are here” are the ones that people like to see coming.

I am sure that we all have heard many people saying, “I just want to be happy”.

I remember reading the story of a man who had a huge rambling farm and wanted to sell it. He called the Real Estate Agency and gave them the listing. The next morning, it appeared in the paper along with a “Beautiful picture.” It read, “110 acres of prime farmland with beautiful rolling hills and 30 huge shady oak trees, a white fence covering all of the rolling hills property, an 8 acre pristine/clear water lake surrounded by willow trees and stocked with catfish, a large newly built and freshly painted red barn with 7 horses and 40 head of cattle and a beautiful 4,000 square foot ranch house with a 8-foot wide front porch with ceiling fans and white rocking chairs.”

After reading this, he immediately called his agent and told him to take it off the market. He said, “I’ve been looking for a place like this ALL my life”.

Maybe, if a person who knows ‘WHY’ he is here, and could describe what you really have in life, it just might wake you up.

I firmly believe that true happiness also comes from “doing for others” more so than for yourself. It is a small thing but, for example, something I have done for years is to walk up to any service giver, a nurse, doctor, a soldier /policeman /policewoman /fireman, vendor, shop owner, a waiter – and if possible, shake their hand and just simply say, “I genuinely thank you for your service”, The look on their face tells it all.

Actually, you do not have to do something momentous or monumental to change the world. You can begin one step at a time to transform the smallest areas of your life or the life of someone else. As the saying goes, “Friendship isn’t a big thing. It’s a million little things.”

Small things matter—small acts of kindness, moments of compassion, selfless giving, half-steps in the right direction—and when we do them mindfully, purposefully, and with love, we can make a big difference.

We are here to help others to cope with the trials and tribulations of everyday life, and to rejoice with their success, victories and their happiness, and realize why they are here.  We are NOT here to just exist, but to embrace life and appreciate every single day entrusted to us, and to enjoy our TODAY because as long as we are celebrating our days – we are not finished.

We can be one of those people who like to be seen coming, and don’t like to be seen leaving, knowing in our hearts that “We have made a difference”.

Helping others and making a difference in the world is what will help to make the world a better place by improving other people’s lives. One person at a time, one day at a time, and one project at a time, we can make a difference that will leave a lasting impact on the world.

We give everything we have, doing something that benefits somebody else, only to find that we have more energy and happiness when we are finished.

The great paradox of giving is that the more we give the more we gain. The more we help others, the more we will be helped. The more energy we put into lifting others, the more we will be lifted up. The more love we give away, the more love we will receive. We cannot give without getting even more in return.

It doesn’t seem to make sense because if we spend the same amount of time doing just about anything else, we can’t produce the same result. It is like a special reward we can only get when doing good for others. Life happens moment by moment, always right now. There are small opportunities each day brings, and they are brought in moments. Miracles happen in moments. We need to value these moments in our lives and vow to fully show up for them today.


Jonathan Solomon
Jonathan Solomon
JONATHAN is a Finnish citizen of Indian origin and in the early 70’s was one of the very few “foreigners” to be granted a full construction license in Finland. Concentrating solely on the upper market and by identifying very talented architects he not only built exclusive homes in one of Europe’s most difficult countries, but also designed and crafted unique bespoke furniture specifically suited for these homes. He has been involved in various projects in over 20 countries. He is the Executive Trustee of an American Foundation involved in humanitarian projects. He brings his international experience and cultural understanding to create new exciting design solutions to satisfy even the most discerning Client. His clients include celebrities, VIP from the various segments of society and from the hospitality industry. He has managed an international interior design studio responsible for both residential and corporate projects and implemented numerous furniture procurement contracts.

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  1. Well said Jonathan and so true! The Bible says he who waters will himself (or herself) be watered. Being an others-centered person is usually not natural for us – not our tendency, but so rewarding. I’m involved in a few service type activities and always walk away feeling I’ve received more than I’ve given. I personally believe we all have a God-shaped vacuum the cannot be filled with anything but Him……and once He fills us, our purpose for living becomes clear over time, fulfilling and (I believe) is the only thing that brings true, lasting, and eternal inner peace and joy. Thank you for sharing this Jonathan!

    • Mike, thank you so much for adding value to this discussion. I am so thankful for your testimony.
      Through my personal experience in my business, private and social life, I have come to this fundamental premise: If we, as responsible citizens, were to conduct our lives and even our business in such a way that our fellow members were enriched by their experience with us, rather than drained by it, they would go out into the society as able and better parents, friends, spouses, and members of the community. And this would be an amazing opportunity and responsibility.
      We must realize that if we want to make a difference, if we want to touch the future — we should touch a life. Go ahead. Let that “touch” be the same inspiration that touched us, that changed us, that made us live today the way we want to be remembered tomorrow.

      I too have come to realize that as I pray to God, my prayer is this HELP ME TO HELP as I want nothing else but to see the people around me at home, in business, my associates, employees and all their families to benefit in so many ways from what I do every day.

    • Very true Lynn, we are doubly blessed when we do touch someone’s lives, however small it may be. Thank you.

    • Thank you most kindly, Lynn. It is true that we touch people mostly without touching them: We touch them with our words, with our smile, with our eyes, with our courage, with our madness, with millions of different ways!
      What are we? We are contacting beings without contacting!”