Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly With These 5 WordPress Plugins

Nowadays, it is important to understand how the internet works in order to become successful in the virtual arena. The use of the internet has evolved so much within a decade, and in 2014, mobile internet users exceeded those of desktop internet users.

According to Online Publishers Association/Frank N. Magid Associates, 99.5% of mobile users access content and information, and 63% access the internet.

Customer behaviour has always shaped the way companies can appeal to them. For example, Youtube started using ads at the beginning which makes it akin to standard televising. Now that customers have started migrating towards mobiles for their information access, companies have started changing their website design to make it more mobile-friendly.

How to make your website more mobile-friendly

To understand how to make your website more accessible by mobile, you will need to know about the different types of mobile interfaces. This will help you to choose the best WordPress plugin, where you want an app or a website designed for mobile.

First: You have a website adjusted for mobile, known as a ‘responsive website.’ Essentially nothing about the original desktop website changes other than it is optimised for mobile viewing.

Second, you can use WordPress plugins that change the way the menu can be accessed. Mobile sites rarely have accessible menus, which pushes customers away.

Finally, you have the plugin that turns your WordPress site into an app. It has features that are far easier carried out on the app than the mobile website. You can use a progressive web app to achieve this means as well.

5 best plugins for your website

Here are some of the best and easy to use WordPress plugins to help enhance your website.


This is the one you would have heard about the most. This basically recognises when your site is being accessed by a mobile user and changing it to make it more accessible to them, regardless of what theme you have installed.

This helps you make a mobile-friendly website without having to make it from scratch. It also automatically helps you pass the Google Mobile test, so your site can be tagged as mobile-friendly. The pro version has over 23 different languages and its own theme library. The plugin is also ridiculously easy to set up.

Jetpack by WordPress

This plugin provides a collection of tools so that you do not have to download innumerable plugin just to redeem their features. They offer everything including social options, design services, security tools, as well as marketing modules.

It provides a mobile theme that only operates when a mobile user opens the site. You can set it to override the standing responsive theme. It has a good number of settings that can adjust how the site would look on a small screen, like the menu, or big images, anything that makes it look cluttered on phone. Even their mobile theme can be adjusted to your personal preferences.

WordPress mobile pack

This pack offers progressive web apps. These are not traditional apps that you download from the app store on your phone. These are websites with features made to mimic the user interface of an iPhone or an Android app.

They are fast and reliable and offer the option of push notifications. This pack does not provide for an actual app. The themes that they provide are beautiful and far more responsive for websites that are simply designed for mobile use. The free version of this pack offers a wide variety of features and makes set up easy. This allows people to come back to it as quickly as they would with an app.

AMP for WP

It is a plugin that creates a mobile website for a pre-existing site. AMP stands for accelerated mobile page since it promises quicker loading times and efficient design. You barely have to put in any effort to modify an existing non-responsive theme. If you do have a responsive theme which is not as fast as you would like, you replace it with AMP for WP. The absolute best part about it is that it is completely free.

You can download it quickly from the WordPress library, and the only drawback is that some features do not translate well onto mobile. They offer certain extensions and themes to override that problem.

WP mobile menu

This is an important plugin because mobile menus tend to be poorly rendered on mobile. You may have a gorgeous site but have a completely unresponsive menu. Without a menu, the user cannot navigate through your website. Mobile menus should ideally have smooth slide-in effects, large icons, buttons, and menu text. To achieve this means, WP mobile menu plugin is the ideal option. It helps a website that is already responsive, while also having nothing be affected by the plugin.


Mansi Rana
Mansi Rana
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