Make a Difference Now or at 100

You can make a difference now or at 100 years of age. How? Action that creates value. Being active is part of it. And serving other people makes being active happen.

Model the change you want to see in the world

  • Be yourself.
  • Simply serve as yourself.
  • Using your expertise, delivered on your terms.

Getting practice now keeps you in shape for the decades that follow today.

Get new skills!

  • Write.
  • Writers write.

That’s one way you can get new skills.

Making a difference can be as simple as writing about what you know

What’s next?

Getting published online . . . Perhaps making tiny video messages that travel with your written words.

Because though your life expectancy is unknown . . .

Your attitude turns your journey through the years into an adventure

It really is your attitude that turns adversity into adventure. And when you want to make a difference now or at 100 . . . That won’t happen by accident. So if you are embarking on the adventure of living 100+ years . . .

Might now be a good time to get new skills?

Write? Record? Audio? Video? How do you want to go about allowing yourself to make a difference now or at 100? So that you continue to serve others’ needs as the world changes.

Maybe . . .

  • Write that article.
  • Publish it.
  • Speak that audio. Or record that video.
  • Release it . . .

Use these tiny tasks as preparation for an uncertain future

So that each of your years can include you joyfully surrounded by people who appreciate how you make a difference now or at 100 . . .

In the future, you choose to envision now.

Where you might want to help people . . .

On your own terms.

Yes, you can prepare for decades of active retirement

Gain mastery over the tiny little skills takes effort over time. Maybe today’s a good day to practice?

If so . . .

Pick writing. Or video. Share something of how you apply your lifetime’s expertise.

Why now start practicing now?

In a simple way.

Being yourself.

Authentically you.

In a tiny way . . .

Begin as simply as a letter of gratitude to a loved one

Or a video sharing something you know that someone else might want to learn. Perhaps one day you’ll find yourself turning that practice into more . . . If and when you’re ready!

So that you are living on your own terms

By the way, here’s a one-minute example video of practice getting a message across using video: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/crVhnmPX4P

Cynthia Ann Leighton
Cynthia Ann Leightonhttps://twitter.com/leightoncynthia
Cynthia Ann Leighton guides folks to action. Emotionally worthwhile effort on bigger dreams! When you want to break through fear to joy and playfulness, choose an action. When you need to develop confidence and habits that make an impact, start small. Emotionally worthwhile effort is the most effective way to achieve your goals and get results. Cynthia owns Software Enterprise Limited.