Make A Buck & Save The Planet: Smart Eco-Focus Business Ideas For 2019

Successful businesses need to ensure they listen to consumer needs, and one of the most important trends in this area in 2019 will be how environmentally friendly your product is. In fact, there will be a significant call for companies producing eco products in the coming year, and you can even get some ideas on the type of business that would be viable in the market in the post below.

Using waste for fuel

The two most significant problems that face the environment at the current time are an abundance of waste and a shortage of fuel to create heat and energy. However, what if one of these problems could be used to solve the other? Then your business would have twice the positive environmental impact.

That is where Briquetting comes in. It being the process of taking waste products like paper and wood chippings and compressing them into dense blocks perfect for burning for fuel.

In fact, you can choose to manufacture the block from waste material and sell them to other business for their fuel and heat needs, or alternatively clean up your own production process and use waste from that to power your business. Either of which are perfect eco-friendly solutions and selling point for your company that will help it to thrive in the current market.

Eco toiletries and makeup

Next, the market for makeup beauty products and toiletries is vast, with social media playing into this. Unfortunately, such products can create a double threat to the environment. The first issue is that they all come in individually sealed packing and so are creating a great deal of waste. The second issue is that many of the products contain things that aren’t great for the environment either, such as exfoliators with microbeads in them.

That is why if businesses want to be successful, they need to find ways to create their products with only natural ingredients and solve the packaging issue. In fact, when it comes to the latter, some brands are already swapping from plastic packing to sustainable bamboo, compressed paper, and card stock, and even things like customizable pallets, as they can be kept for a long time with just the inner products replaced, so save a great deal of waste.

Plastic replacements

Any business that focuses on making items that can be used instead of plastic is also likely to succeed in the coming year too. This is because consumers are becoming more and more aware of the enormous damage that throwaway plastic items are doing to the environment, and how long they take to break down.

This means companies marketing smart, reusable alternatives to plastic water bottles, plastic bags, plastic cutlery, and even plastic storage containers could do particularly well in the coming year.


Finally, as well as a move away from plastic and disposable items there is also a more significant environmentally friendly movement currently at work. It is one that focuses on minimalism, utilitarianism, and preservation of things we already have.

Learning to repair items cold be a great business idea for 2019.

What this means is business focusing on repairing faulty goods rather than offering brand new replacements are also likely to do well with the environmentally conscious 2019 market.


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