Lullaby of First Times

Bringing down two clouds to wear as slippers, I meander through the corridors of my mind. I remember when I experienced something for the first time.

My mother cradles me in her lap while seated on a creaking rocking chair. A tea kettle whistles. Stroking the tip of my nose with the frayed edges of a blanket, I feel safe.

Daydreaming on a swing on a hot summer’s day, I drag my feet through the cool sand. I touch the sky with my toes as I swing high. Gazing at a sandbox, I remember when I got lost for hours in grains of sand.

I learn to write my name, the first thing ever given to me. Pencil ascending, descending, and angling across the page printed with thin blue lines. Shapes and lines tell my story.

Floating in a mountain lake, I contemplate cumulus clouds. Beads of sweat form on my lips. Suspended, I no longer feel the weight of my body. I am held and belong.

Radiators knock as the sun sets on another day. I paint roosters while snowflakes twirl to the ground. I wonder where people go once they pass over. Do they become timeless, no longer time-bound?

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Marlene Sinicki
Marlene Sinickihttps://lilomar.com/
Marlene Sinicki is an Artist, Designer, and Visual Storyteller. She brings ideas to life for people that care about the greater good. Connecting meaning-making and the arts and design that sparks change are her passions. Marlene’s visual storytelling experience spans multiple disciplines, including painting, illustration, graphic design, photography, presentations, and writing. She has worked as an Art Director and Project Manager for dozens of strategic design projects that provided voice and vision to the collective stories of companies and organizations. Marlene draws on aesthetics and optimism, the ideals of beauty, as a strategy to create hope and a positively imagined future. Her fine arts studio practice fuels her commercial projects. The wisdom of nature and global sustainability opportunities permeate her abstract and representational paintings and drawings. Flowing lines, vibrant colors, and organic forms emphasize the subject’s aliveness. While culture prizes technology and piles of data, Marlene creates visual haikus to reconnect sensuality with ecology. She encourages a respect for our earthly mother and a socially responsible and generative approach to saving her. The art is a glimpse of intimate encounters with the ephemeral. Marlene wants the familiar to feel new again, to make the invisible visible, in order to telegraph the light within.