Lower Risk Investments For The Cautious

The words buy, buy, buy, along with men in striped shirts with white collars is how many of us see the world of investing. In fact, it is easy to think that investing it is all about life or death decisions. It is also easy to assume that investment it is a cutthroat world with no room for the more cautious or the little guy. However, this view is not strictly true. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities for the more cautious investor looking to get a fair return on their money. Just read on to find out what they are.


Property is a fabulous choice for the more cautious investor for a number of reasons. The first reason is that because it exists in the physical realm, it can make the investor feel much more secure. This feeling is shored up by the fact that even if the property market crashes, as all financial markets are included to do at some time, investors will still be left with something practical to show for their money.

It is that knowledge, combined with the attractive return rate of around 5-7% on their initial investment that means that property such a great choice for cautious investors.


Bullion may be seen as super traditional in the field of investing, however as the post as https://www.marketreview.com/silver/  suggests there are some definite benefits in converting some of your money into silver and gold.

The main one is that investing in bullion is a great way to beat inflation over the long term. Although to do this it is better to buy actual items made from precious metal such as coins and bars. Something you get from selected bank branches and on sites online.

Coins and bars make good investments for the cautious.

These items can then be stored over the long term and brought out and sold at a cost that should have increased roughly in line with prices increases in general. Something that means even when the cost of everyday living goes up, your investments worth will be protected.

The second way to invest in bullion is to buy it as a commodity. This is a form of investment that means buying and selling on the open market and so is associated with considerably higher risk. Something that makes it a less sensible choice for the cautious investor.

Although, because commodity investors are not so worried about actually having the physical item they invest in, it can be much easier to find assets and get in on the game in this way.

Mining Cryptocurrency

Now, as cautious investors, I would expect you to have read around the subject before considering where to put your money. That means you probably already know that buying cryptocurrency to trade on the forex market is high risk.

Also, with Bitcoin dominating the market the opportunity of buying low and selling high for a profit are minimal right now. Of course, you can also invest in one of the alternative cryptos on the market, but this is risky behaviour too, especially as many of them are still widely unknown by the public.

Luckily, there is a way that you can get involved in investing in cryptocurrency that is lower risk, and it’s not about purchasing currency to trade at all. In fact, it is about earning the currency, something that you can do via the process of mining, as explained in the video below.

In fact, you have two choices when it comes to mining. The first is to purchase the equipment and do this in your own home. Something that used to be easier at the beginning of the cryptocurrency boom.

Sadly, this may not be as profitable anymore because of the speed needed to decrypt and validate transactions during the mining process. This problem is caused because calculations used in this process are now run through graphics cards like the ones discussed at http://jkcrypto.com/what-is-best-gpu-for-mining/. Unfortunately, these use up power, and memory, making it much more efficient to mine crypto in massive server farms in locations where electricity is cheaper than in your own home.

Mutual Funds

Cautious investors should also consider the possibility of putting their money into a mutual fund. This is a fund that is managed by a financial professional, a fact that can decrease risk, as they have experience in how the market behaves and works.

Mutual funds also allow investors with smaller amounts to join together and pool their money. This pooling means they can buy large amounts of one particular asset, or diversify their portfolios to offset the risk of a particular market crashing. Something that makes mutual funds a sensible, lower risk way of investing.

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