Lovely Lady

I wrote the song “Lovely Lady” to describe the feelings of anticipation, excitement, and anxiety when trying to ask a beautiful lady out.  The music video captures the innocence and simpler times when the first date was just holding hands, and a trip to the arcade.

Perhaps it’s still fresh for me considering my age, but who doesn’t remember the awkward feelings of trying to win over the affection of your first love? It’s a place and time forever embedded in one’s memory that can always be recounted for a moment of joy when life’s burdens are weighing.

Just a few seconds into the song you get an excited feeling with the entrance of the trumpet and drums compelling movement, whether it’s tapping your feet or an impulse to dance.  “Lovely Lady” has been nominated for Song of the Year in the 2022 New England Music Awards, along with “Leap of Faith” the debut, Album of the Year.

If you ask me why I write music, I’ll tell you Music is the air I breathe! What I couldn’t say in words at a young age, I spoke through songs it saved my life! I suffered from anxiety from intense bullying in my grade school years.  I was diagnosed with ADHD and couldn’t speak well.  That led to being the outcast student, with no friends I turned to writing music, and what I couldn’t say with words, I could speak through songs. Fortunately, I had good parents, with strong values and convictions to help me get through.  I grew up in a musical family, my dad was a bass player, and my mom was a drummer, they both played in a band, so I had access to about every musical instrument I learned to play piano, guitar, drums, and ukulele. My parents moved us to a small town with a good school system, and I was fortunate to spend my last few years in high school with a great group of friends who I formed a classic rock band with.  We played music in every local venue that would have us! Since then, I’ve continued to write music and perform as a solo artist with a warm reception from audiences from New Hampshire to Nashville!  I listen to people and write their stories and sometimes my own. I remind myself to keep songs relatable, memorable, and authentic…that’s who I am.”

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Dakota Smart
Dakota Smart
22-year-old, Dakota Smart is an Award Winning Singer-Songwriter from small town Alton, NH. According to Ken Cail, WKXL, Cail & Company Show, "Dakota's resume is impressive!"  He started writing songs and performing on stage at the age of 10, and by the time he was 17, he was touring with an opening band for Legendary Three Dog Night.   He won Top Solo Performer at HardRock Cafe Boston, in 2017, was nominated for "New Act of the Year" in the 2021 New England Music Awards, and after the release of his first 12-song professional album "Leap of Faith", he was nominated for three awards this year to include;  Song of the Year, Album of the Year, and Male Performer of the Year, in the 2022 New England Music AwardsDakota's songs have been played on radio 92.5 The River, Boston's Independent Radio, 104.9 The Hawk, and independent radio stations throughout the country.  His musical journey has been featured in the Nashville Voyager Magazine, the UK's TunedLoud Magazine, local newspapers, The Baysider, Salmon Press, Foster's Daily Democrat, Seacoast Online, and more. Dakota is a member of ASCAP and NSAI (Nashville Songwriter's Association) and has written over 100 songs to date. For Booking Email: [email protected]

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