Love Song to the Earth

–Inspirational Music Video

Let me tell you about a planet, a beautiful blue planet that floats in the velvety expanse of space…

Dear friends… thus begins, “A Love Song to The Earth,” a vision I’ve long held in my heart. As a pianist and performing artist, I’ve dreamt of playing at the edge of the ocean, the glory of sunrise illuminating the land, the piano music floating into the expanse of space–to the birds, the plants, the sea creatures, to us humans–to all of Earth. In the dawning light, an evocative story begins, with lilting melodies and ancient sounds, calling to the heart with a vision of our world healed. Welcome to that vision, filmed at the edge of Australia, and featuring one of this country’s finest Indigenous musicians, Gumaroy Newman. With love, Jessica


Jessica Roemischer
Jessica Roemischer
Jessica Roemischer is an award-winning pianist, storyteller, visual artist, and visionary. Through her multi-disciplinary artistry, Jessica's life is dedicated to freeing the human spirit, opening a door to the stories that are held in the silence of our hearts. At the threshold of a new era, she believes that we are given an unprecedented opportunity - a calling - to fulfill our purpose on Earth. Jessica inspires this awareness of self, amidst the magnificence of the Cosmos, through interactive performance events, music soundtracks and compositions, podcasts, writings, videos, and more. New York-born and raised, Jessica lives in Sydney, Australia.

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    • Dear Larry,
      Thank you very much for your comment. I love how you describe the “written imagery,” as well as the visual. When the concept for his video came to me, it came as a vision. It was vision of our world made whole, restored, blue and glowing with the vibrations of love and beauty we create. Those vibrations emanating out farther and farther into space. So thank you for your reply. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the video. Very best wishes, Jessica

  1. Oh Jessica, the Mother Earth calls, and in so many ways, the signs are there…you piece it all together so beautifully here. Just stunning and most mesmerizing! Thank you so much. The music of earth as a symphony of love. I love this! Thank you for your Gift you have given here

    And welcome to Bizcatalyst360 🙏🙏❤️

    • Dear Paula, Thank you for your beautiful comment. You’re so right—the Earth does call and in many ways. It’s longing for us to realize that we are desperately needed – to hear her, to love her, and in that to fulfill our destiny! I’m so happy that you enjoyed the video, and truly appreciate your reflection. I can feel, in your words, a wonderful sentiment of hope and love. I’m delighted to join you, Dennis and all who offer their gifts here on your wonderful forum.
      Blessings to you!

  2. Such a stunning video and incredible place to perform! I can imagine a life long dream became reality here!
    Gorgeous message, goosebumps when the man starts to sing. This video has so many high vibes it brings me in an elevated emotion that most likely will travel to all corners of the Universe. Welcome dear Jessica!

    • Dearest Eyra, I’m delighted to have met you – a fellow traveler on this journey to spread glorious vibrations ever outward, sensing that we, as Earthly human beings, can emanate, through music and love, these energies to the Universe! Like rippling waves. I believe, as I sense you do, that we have entered a new era, and can now become what we were destined to be – creators in concert with the Divine, embracing our place in the Cosmos. I know and feel you as a kindred spirit. Thank you for all you do!