L. Aruna Dhir’s poems have a meandering note and are marked by lyrical poise and movement. They are philosophical and contemplative. They raise questions regarding relationships and human nature. Ostensibly simple, they are wistful and etched with memorable lines.


These verses – paintings in words of a long, lonely boulevard or a sunny afternoon at the beach or a flock of birds that fly overhead -talk of feelings and emotions, of sorrow and joy, of you, me and others.


Of the first whispers of love when you see the world through rose tinted glasses, of sad farewells as you choose to tread upon a separate path than your loved ones or of couples aging together to watch, hand in hand, sun going down the horizon in the sunset of their lives.

Through this collection, the poet hopes to have said what you sense and written what you feel.

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ARUNA is a Feature Writer for ehotelier.com and Columnist with Hospitality.Net – the world’s two highest ranked Hospitality publications. A Freelance Writer since 1987, Aruna is also an avid blogger and a published poet; with two anthologies to her credit. Her writings have appeared in several national and international publications. With over 16 years of experience with some of India and Asia's top hotel brands, Aruna is a seasoned Corporate Communications Specialist, PR Strategist and Writer who has taken a sabbatical, after holding the position of the Director - Public Relations at The Imperial New Delhi, in order to work on book projects - on Public Relations & Communications, Hotels, Food and India respectively. In 2002, in a national Newspaper poll, Aruna was voted as the best Hospitality PR Professional by a cross-section of peers from competition hotels, guests, industry experts and stalwarts from the PR world.
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