Love, Medicine and Miracles, and Cycle of Life

–Crappy to Happy with Dr. Bernie Siegel

Diane interviews a truly inspirational and phenomenal doctor: Dr. Bernie Siegel.  He has dedicated his career to taking medicine outside of the conventional realm of medicine to truly transform healing for his patients.  He has written a multitude of books to inspire transformation and mindfulness.  His books have changed the lives of children and adults.  Dr. Bernie shares his powerful story Cycle of Life (A featured story in Sacred Stories Crappy to Happy).  His journey began in 1978 with a new and innovative treatment for Cancer patients called CareFrontation.

Bernie utilized patients’ drawings, dreams, images, and feelings to optimize their care.  Bernie shares his inspiration and guidance in his journey caring for patients.  He shares a brief synapse of some of his stories in this episode: Love, Medicine and Miracles, and Cycle of Life.  Diane and Bernie truly transform the path to healing by advocating for patients to create a self-loving practice to thrive in life.  They both believe in the power of mindfulness and alternative treatments to shed away the layers of disease and illness from the body. Listen to our discussion below;

Diane Vich
Diane Vichhttps://dianevich.com/
My name is Diane Vich. I am a registered nurse, professor, author, and holistic health coach. I help women explore their inner dreams and desires through mind, body, and soul connection. I use my experiences overcoming chronic illness and disability with alternative therapies, to help my clients overcome trauma, chronic disease, and negative patterns that impact their health, happiness, and dreams. My transformation began when I went through a significant health crisis that took me away from direct patient care in nursing and opened my eyes to the importance of my own health. I adopted holistic healing modalities while facing a debilitating illness and fatigue that required me to take 13 prescription medications each day and have 9 surgeries before the age of 40. Through nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, dance, vocals, hypnosis, and emotional healing, I not only transformed my health but reconnected with my long lost libido. My passion is now to help women create a deep sense of awareness to tackle the root of their pain and symptoms and unveil their intuition, natural healing potential, and feminine power. I now help women connect with their sexual power and heal past trauma through workshops, coaching, books, and novels. I believe that sexual energy is the key to creativity, empowerment, and fulfillment but it is essential to tackle the trauma at the root to unveil a deeper sense of ingenuity and intuition. I currently live in Miami. And in my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two children in the outdoors: camping, boating, and bonding with each other and mother nature. I spread knowledge, love, and support for the special needs community through empowerment for parents. Diane is a contributing author to the inspiring book Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy