Lost in Thought

I may no longer hear that audible voice that once so long ago awoke my inner being, the one that so happily chased the night away each morning, but that of her heart is still very near.

And as I prepare to face the long hours of night once again, through thankful tears, I bid the day, and all of its beauty adieus, knowing not if morning should come, while praying for the strength to face another day without her in it, if God, in His master plan, should bid it in such a way.

To allow me the resilience to greet the day and my fellow man with a smile, to have the eyes to see the beauty of the day, and the needs of others, helping where I might throughout the day, knowing not if another chance might come my way.

And then retreating home where once her smile and laughter met me, now I only see her image in a picture hanging on a wall, put there for the world and me to see; her accurate image now only seen in the continuum of space within my mind, which now seems to periodically stand still for me.

Oh, how I long for those days of old when her warm smile from across the table would make my coffee and the start of my day so much better when her presence would brighten those gray days and warm those chilly mornings; and the unspoken sense of stability and comfort her presence brought into my life that now, though only remembered, helps to hold it together.


Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton
Greetings from M L. Sutton, a born-again Christian and retired citizen of the Great Lakes State of Michigan, currently living in the Northern Michigan town of Cheboygan. A father of two wonderful adult children who also live in Cheboygan, and a husband of forty-three years, before losing my wife to a health-related illness in May 2020.  I began writing in a journal in April 2020, with the words and feelings that I had wished to express to my wife but could not because of pandemic guidelines and her illness. After her demise, I continued to write to vent the hurt, confusion, frustration, and sorrow associated with her absence in my life, culminating with the release of my first book, “To Lose a Soul Mate,” which was published by Xulon Press, and released to the public on September 25, 2022. In losing my wife, God had given me a gift, one that I could share with others, the gift of writing what my heart felt and my eyes saw, as though looking through the windows of my heart. This new gift allowed me the opportunity to see through the pain and grief of losing my wife and to recognize the beauty that had always been around me, but I had not taken the time to fully enjoy, or be thankful for it. I now write for enjoyment, as it gives me a sense of peace and comfort, sharing my material as a Featured Contributor on, BIZCATALYST 360°, The Writers Café, and Dirt Road Storytelling, both on Facebook, while also working on a second book, a collection of writings from both heart and soul; which I plan to have published at a later date.  Before that, I was enjoying retirement with my wife, after having worked for nearly 31 years for the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources, as a Park Manager in various parks throughout the state of Michigan. 

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