Looking Forward – to New Leadership

Very valuable and powerful positive lessons to keep us moving forward William (Bill) J. Mathias, Jr… There is always a silver lining for Humanity to Rise to the occasion to truly become the leaders, innovators, trailblazers, and pioneers of the Next Renaissance of Humanity.

We have to have leaders who truly lead with Humanity. The Status quo of leadership is dead. We have to Bring Humanity Into Our Businesses and Beyond to truly Bring Humanity Together every day in every way possible.

Because we can’t check our Humanity at the door any longer. We can no longer keep doing these horrible things to our fellow colleagues and co-workers.

We need to help grow and thrive in our communities that exist in our businesses today and (and in our communities) outside as well. Because we all share a symbiotic relationship between ourselves in every aspect of our lives both in business today and in life itself. Because when we hurt one person we hurt all of us.

This Coronavirus has shown us the huge opportunity and impact that we can have that is before us all to truly change the way we treat Humanity moving forward in a great and positive way.

I knew before the Coronavirus hit us that there are people who love Humanity like me who want to see people treated better than the way we are treating people right now. We have been saying since this Coronavirus has hit Humanity that we are in this together. Shouldn’t we be all in this together in our businesses and communities across this great world of ours? I say Yes We Can and Yes We Will.

What are you willing to do for Humanity?

#IfIHelpYouYouHelpMeThenWeHelpWe #BringingHumanityTogether #VoicesOfHumanity #HeartForHumanity #Believership #HumansFirst

Here is the LinkedIn post that inspired me to write this article: The #Leadership Pandemic of 2020


Chris Berryman
Chris Berryman
Chris Berryman, Passionate Coalition Builder, CEO/Founder of Bringing Humanity Together, is always eager to share first hand, the story that inspired his powerful vision to humanely transform today’s workplace for the better. During his 35 years of experience spanning many different industries, Chris has seen the best and the worst of treatment from the leadership of companies for which he has worked, and has also noticed the effect poor treatment had on others. His unique vision to help positively shift the workplace paradigm led to the creation of Bringing Humanity Together: Bringing Humanity Into Business & Beyond, a powerful grassroots movement now also a business created through talking to other professionals and sharing his passion on the LinkedIn platform. Bringing Humanity Together seeks to be the voice and solution provider for employees who suffer from unfulfilling and derogatory treatment at the hands of their employers and for employers who recognize that a healthy company culture is key to their success. Chris believes the way to be an effective change agent is by offering support, advice, and empowerment to businesses who seek to shift their company culture for the better and to provide the same assistance to employees who need help navigating their unique situations as part of today’s workforce. Chris’s gift of expressing his passion and ability to build a coalition of professionals who embody the ‘service to others first’ mantra of living, has allowed him to assemble a powerful LinkedIn community of socially conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders who are on this journey with him and willing to support him in this endeavor.

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  1. I believe that one of the fundamental virtues that a leader should have is that of being human, a feature very little “frequented” by company leaders, not examined enough by recruiters, but highly sought after and appreciated by the workforce, because it is perhaps that which leaves its most significant mark, at least in its collaborators.
    Being human means demonstrating, without reservations, that you have the fears that everyone can have, perhaps by showing that you want to face them together with your collaborators; to have the problems that everyone has, but to have the courage to overcome them, or at least to have the determination to do it. To know how to ask for help, to be available to learn also from your collaborators. It means manage to excite and involve, not fight with the impulse of being perfect, but recognize his own vulnerability to experiences such as shame, judgment, reproach.
    Admitting your limits is the key to everything, it is a sign of courage and ability to collaborate. An human leader know that one become respected the day when become able to admit mistakes. And in the end, he/she has sense of humor, which is essential to survive the difficult moments and to not take him/herself too seriously.
    But for all this it need a solid foundation of values from which to start.

  2. Spot on Aldo !! You have definitely captured what has always has been the essence of the company that I have founded, Bringing Humanity Together !! What you just said here has been in head for over 15 years and been my focus, purpose, mission and passion for over the past two years. Aldo thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge on this !! Let’s talk soon about this and so much more !!

  3. An evolutionary and innovative leadership style is essential, capable of projecting a clear vision of the direction to follow, of keeping an open and constructive attitude, of transforming any type of problem into an opportunity for growth, of mobilizing the whole energy that it can express, to constitute a fundamental point of reference for the other components of the organization. It is a style in which on the one hand the ability to tune in to collaborators, especially on an emotional level, and on the other the ability to act on all internal and external components of the company system.
    If Leaders were previously asked to be able to make changes, today they are asked to change their leadership; having a “more human” leadership, knowing how to team up with your collaborators by sharing “joys and sorrows” of the current context. In organizations, a “strong” leader at the top of the company is not enough, you need leaders in every business area, from the lowest levels of the hierarchy to the highest management levels with a precise attitude of cooperation and mutual support.

  4. Well said and full of passion Chris. You know what I’ve been up to! Glad to be a part of what can only become better!

    The horrible things people do to one another is outrageous. The damage is strong and i compare it to torture really. Subtlety it is disguised behind the ones who are abusing leadership, and some others who sip from the same cup are the followers that are delusione regarding integrity.
    Some people may be grown up, but they are not mature at all

    Thank you for this. Bravo!

    • Paula, Thank you for sharing your insights on my article. I truly believe and know that we should have better leaders in all of business today. We need people to lead with Humanity that will lead the way to a better future for Humanity as a whole !!

      I am so humbled and honored to have you in my life and on this journey to Bring Humanity Together and Bring Humanity Into Business and Beyond !!

      There is so much work to be done. But with your help and support and the help and support of so many great people from around the world. We will help Humanity Rise and become the Next Renaissance of Humanity that Humanity needs now more than ever before !! We just need more great people like you Paula to step up for Humanity.

      Thank you Dennis Pitocco for giving us this great platform to Raise up Humanity and Raise our Voices !!

      #IfIHelpYouYouHelpMeThenWeHelpWe #BringingHumanityTogether #VoicesOfHumanity #HeartForHumanity #Believership #HumansFirst