“Living what we Quote”

Tales Of Nightingale LynnWhen people quote the Bible passages, yet live a life not obeying the Commandments, I take a step back and more often than not; I shake my head. I do that for myself as well,because I am just as guilty of breaking Commandments, yet as for me, I can only speak for myself, and what I need to do to receive Gods Mercy.

In the last 4 years, I have tried to understand why some people will treat family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, even strangers, so disrespectfully, and then turn around and quote scripture. How does that work? Can someone explain to me how that works?

Quoting something, yet not always checking ourselves first, is something I have done, but I am a work in progress each and every day; just want life to be as God intended it to be. I am not judging or pronouncing sentence on anyone, I am just trying to understand. I know that I cannot change the human heart, nor can I soften the human heart, that comes from within. It is not me who wants to change but to receive.

Every time I write a post, I really try hard to make sure that I am not sounding judgmental, thinking I am better than anyone else, because I assure you, I am not for life and mankind are made by God; a power in the Heavens that we cannot understand nor make sense of, and to be quiet honest that is the way God planned it.

Not quoting scripture, but simply making reference to the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis tells us of the people and a king who decided to build them a city with a tower that would “reach” the heavens. Their purpose was to have a proud monument to themselves, so that they would be powerful. However, God was not so pleased with this and came down to look at the city and tower and decided that if they attempt to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.

So God made the people speak many different languages so they could not work together and He scattered the people, and the city was abandoned.

We have people all over the world today who speak different languages, they are from different countries, and believe it or not, they started with the twelve tribes of Israel. If you were to take every person living and those that have passed and traced their roots and were able to trace them back as far as the time of Christ, we would be linked to one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

If we refuse to believe that with all the intricate workings of our DNA, where no one is identical, it would be clear that we did not evolve from a molecule or evolution. Scientists for centuries have been trying to disprove God as being the creator of all things including mankind, and they have failed.

So what does this have to do with the beginning of my post? It has to do with knowing that God set down the Commandments in order to hold people to the goodness of life.

Exodus 20 ten commandments

Then God gave the greatest commandment, which is “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: “Love your neighbor as yourself.

I realize more and more every day that our world is becoming more secular, more modernized and more materialistic. So much evil, different from long ago, but similar and it starts with doing as man wishes to do, being greedy, selfish, children that do not respect their parents, no respect for the elderly, there is killing, there is stealing, wanting what others have and not being satisfied with what one has, not willing to work for what we need like the generations before us, not caring for anyone except ourselves. Even more disheartening are those who quote scripture but do not follow what they say or believe; especially if the only day one lives what they preach is on Sunday.

Do you ever wonder why the Amish live so peacefully? They live what they believe Christ asked all to do, live the greatest commandment.

I understand that in today’s society, we have to be careful, observant, aware of our surroundings, securing our property and homes, locking our vehicles, Leary of many things, but I do believe that despite that, we can still be kind, trying to see the best in people we encounter, without letting down our guard.

Raise our children to do the same but to be kind and humble. I know of no one that has served Christ first in all that they do has ever somehow not been blessed with much, in one way or another.

Whenever I hear the song sung by Kate Smith “America”, I think of how beautiful our country would be, how beautiful our world would be. We learn as we grow and if one can pass on the goodness of these commandments to people throughout our lives, what a difference it would make.



Lynn Forrester-Pitocco
Lynn Forrester-Pitocco
LYNN is Retired from Law Enforcement as a Police Officer, with a background in nursing and previously a member of the Search and Rescue Team with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, A retired member of the Orange Police Department, she became the first female SWAT member on an elite team while becoming a member of the Olympic Shooting Team during the early years on the department. A mother and a grandmother, a devout Catholic who currently resides in Houston, Texas. Her hobbies include writing, painting, and a contemplative prayer life. She is in love with her faith, but the love she carries for her two grown children and grandchildren who rest in her heart surpasses everything except her faith in God. Since retirement, Lynn has done private investigation, worked as a gang counselor with middle schools, A member of Bl. Mother Teresa’s Order called the (Lay Missionaries of Charity), she is also a pro-life advocate, often called upon to give testimony and speak to youth groups, as well as adult forums. She has published a children’s book entitled “The Children’s Garden” and is currently working on two additional children’s books. She is currently working on the major one focused on her experience in Law Enforcement entitled “Heels and a Badge”. (copyright). Her paintings and sketches, writings, can be viewed on her Pinterest boards (click on the Pinterest ICON below). Her dream is to one-day write a movie for Hallmark. Dreams do come true … See Lynn’s entire collection of thought-provoking Articles by clicking on her byline. Lynn is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.

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  1. Thank you both for your reply. I know in my heart and soul the goodness of Our Lord, I see it in this beautiful world He made for us. I am thankful to HIM that I can separate the beauty from the ugliness. The evil “Will” of mankind who live without HIM and choose to serve the Adversary is the ugliness that I was speaking of.

  2. Lynn, the world is growing darker notnot because God has left the planet, but because people have chosen to leave him. Every time another step is taken to distance ourselves from the light of the world we turn more and more toward darkness. I’m not saying we all move away at the same pace but in general it’s the forsaking of our scriptural foundation. On your thoughts about quoting God’s Word then living like the devil is, in fact, a sign of the times. One thing that occurs enough to make me puke is the misinterpretation of scripture to mean that God’s blessing is a promise of financial wealth. God’s blessings might mean wealth on earth but God’s blessings are for his kingdom. Yes, God blesses us and providea from his hand, but there is nothing that says obeying the call to follow God means he is leading you to a mansion and financial freedom. I know thousands of people who give up many things to follow God and they will receive their reward and treasures in heaven – exactly where God says he has stored them.

    Whew! Sorry for this way too long response. This topic ways strikes me with great force.

  3. The devil and his demons know scripture backwards and forwards Lynn and they already know how it ends for them. They just want to take as many souls with them to that pit of fire. God will always examine one’s heart and their actions not their head knowledge of scripture. The devil and his demons tremble! The fear of God is the begining of wisdom.