Living Systems Combine Economy, Business, and Government Changes

Some governments understand and apply at least some of what I’m saying. New Zealand is my best example. Jacinda Ardern is a wise mother to the country. Compassionate and decisive, clearly explaining why she’s doing what she does. New Zealand has made a broader dashboard than just GDP. They have given a river rights. And now, they ruled that big companies don’t get permission for deep-sea mining. But there are many more examples where great things happen. There are even fully regenerative area economies already in Spain and Colombia.

Is it a coincidence that all these changemakers are women?

Technology and Science Shifts

I will be brief about that here. My story is becoming too long anyway. So, just a short list of some very hopeful science discoveries

  • Bio-geometry and biotechnology will change a lot. The best example for me is the Superformula and Gielis Transformations. They make solid dynamic again. And are influencing all kinds of other sciences and applications
  • Vedic geometry (sacred geometry) and alchemy (some trees even turn CO2 into heavy metals that can easily be harvested) are being rediscovered as a serious research topics and spread wide and far over the internet. Indigenous knowledge will not only help us be wise leaders on land, but they will also show us the way to humans’ creation power with nature and intuition. After land, the next step is water. We need to become dynamic, fluid, flowy…
  • Quantum physics is going to change all. And it’s not a coincidence that the Dalai Lama has taken three days to talk to Chinese scientists just about his subject, recorded the talks in English, and put them on YouTube
  • And of course, it’s all built on biology, ecology and astronomy. And don’t think we already know it all. Our planet is shifting. And because we can measure it now, it comes into all people’s consciousness. The rational ones AND the intuitive ones. Did you know that on November 11, 2018, unexplained seismic activity has been measured in Mayotte? What does it mean? Can we research, please? Can we find the patterns of Gaia and the evolutionary happenings of our transition times? There’s always more pattern than chaos…

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

— Nikola Tesla

Citizen’s Role

If we start to think the way Nature does it, the opportunities become really huge. And every person links into this system, so everyone can contribute to the shift.

What can we do?

  • We can make our lives simple, realize that we shop till we drop because we have holes in our souls and start training ourselves to hear our souls and our hearts better. The shopping will stop with the rise of consciousness. Or, in the Metaverse, shopping will be harmless for our planet…
  • We can buy products with a soul. Beautiful, useful, and durable
  • We can focus on creating instead of consuming
  • We can support each other big time. We are all on a journey. And we all have our role. We are different. So what? There’s no reason to cancel a person just because he or she doesn’t agree with me. If we keep being in our curious energy, ask deeper questions, we will learn every day. And life becomes so amazing!
  • We can create art. ART and imagination are the only ways to navigate the future
  • We can connect to Nature big time. Because that’s where all information about evolution, time, and space is coming from. Every breath informs us. Every sip of water that we drink with attention will enlighten us. Nature is all around. We can break through the grey, ugly concrete in our cities and dance, dance, dance…

And now, I’m curious about what you see in the world. You will see other things than I do. Tell us. Let’s talk…

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Désirée Driesenaar
Désirée Driesenaar
I'm a bilingual writer and project member in regenerative projects. I explore, inspire, and educate about new economy, ecology, entrepreneurship, regeneration, and science to understand where we're going in the evolution. How to ensure that our great-great-grandchildren will have a healthy Planet to live their lives on. New narratives will change current toxic human systems into true living systems, in line with Natural laws. I’m always curious. Just radical, friendly, curious me. My old mum, two bonus-daughters, and three bonus-grandsons live in The Netherlands. My husband and I live a nomadic life, going to projects where we are asked to contribute. Sharing online and in books about our insights and adventures. And I just love to write. Reality. Fiction. Poetry. When my fingers craft the words, I’m happy… My work has been published in Cosmopolitan (fiction), many anthologies, magazines, and on Medium. My drive is to enlighten. And inspire. My professional contributions to the world vary from being an external advisor to the EU Commission to putting my hands in healthy soil to writing poetry and beyond. In my view, we are going from the Anthropocene where humans tried to rule the planet, to the Syntropocene where we give the ruler role back to Gaia. Nature. The Universe. And learn how to play our own wise role in the evolution. As a humble (and smart) part of Nature.

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  1. Hello, Désiréé.
    When we see schools, businesses, government offices, et al. as simply shells where people come to work (and suffer!), we forget that the 55 trillion cells of our bodies work together, and the miracle (amongst many) is the blessing of that collaboration. We also know now, from research and data, how much better we all show up when we feel engaged in community. I’d love to talk with you further, especially about the back2different podcast (completely non-commercial):, as well as a new project, Humanity at Work.
    I tried to book a call at your website, but every date I entered responded with “Not available.” You can reach me at [email protected].
    Let’s talk, please.