Live Life Like Someone Left The Gate Open

Run with it, enjoy it and live with hope in your heart. There’s a lot of talk about what’s wrong with this and whom should do what to fix it.

I was pondering a thought late last night looking at the beautiful night sky. The stars were shining brightly. At 3 am, I bundled up and went outside just to enjoy the moment. It was cold, but I didn’t feel it. I was thinking WHAT HAPPENED TO KNOBS?

When I was a child knobs were everywhere. The old black and white Philco television had a knob. My first car had a handle with a little knob on it to roll down the window with. The next car I owned had those fancy dandy electric windows. The end of the knob was upon me. I felt like such the in-girl out with my friends (some of them still had cars with knobs) then it happened. A fuse went bad and the blasted driver’s side car window was down when the fuse blew. I was off to the dealership madder than a wet hen. To make matters worse it was pouring rain by the time I got there.

“Oh, said the nice mechanic this is going to be a tough fix. The side panel has to come off probably will need rewiring. These new things you know have kinks but we can have you up and running no problem in about a week and five hundred dollars or so”.

“I WANT A KNOB I told him. Just give me a knob. My old car had a door handle you crank by turning the dern knob on the end of it”.

“Oh, my miss that’s not possible. The only knob on this luxury power steering cruise control automatic blah blah blah would be on the radio and it’s actually got a search arrow and buttons when you find a station you are fond of and want to save.”

I traded the bugger in on the spot for a five speed on the floor gearshift driven rag top Pony and I’m still driving it. It has knobs!!!!! People stare as I drive down the highway mostly at the car because I keep it in pristine condition. That Pony and I have grown old together. We live life like someone left the gate open.

The weather turned unseasonably warm for this time of year as we were living large, my Pony and me yesterday cruising down the avenue with the ragtop down my movie star sunglasses on, the scarf around my neck moving in the wind entangled in my flowing blond hair. In my rear view mirror, I spot four rowdy college students waving, whistling and yelling pull over you hot blonde-haired feline driving the rag top. They had no way of knowing my gray hair dyed blond albeit flying in the wind like the Hottie they had been dreaming of since puberty as I sped up. They were behind me so how would they know I bore the wrinkles of time wore deep from living life like someone left the gate open.

I turned the trusty knob on my radio from the local PBS station to one playing the Rolling Stones and turned that knob as far to the right as it would go. The volume began vibrating my seat. Not so bad I thought a new find for me; a free back massage.  It made them howl even more at me. I’d slow down then shift gears making my Pony’s engine roar teasing them. A few miles more of this and a red light caught up with me. I motioned for them to pull along side. Out of my rear view mirror, I could have sworn I saw those muscle-flexing boys drawing straws on who could go for the gold with the first one-liner.

Alongside me, they pulled just as I bent down to pick up my purse that fell off the passenger seat onto the floorboard. That sort of thing happens when you burn rubber only to slam on the brakes leaving tire marks on the pavement in your wake.  It was worth a million bucks to see the look on those boys’ faces when this ol’ grandma rose up, lifted my movie star sunglasses and tilted my head so they could get a good look at their prize, smiled and said, ‘Live life like someone left the gate open’ boys.

The light turned green, I shoved my ol’ Pony in gear lowered the volume on the radio and turned the knob to the local PBS station. I took one last glance in my rear view mirror. They were still at the light. There was a line of traffic behind them honking their horns yelling go through the light.

Live life like someone left the gate open friends, it’s worth the ride.



Arlene Switzer Flynn
Arlene Switzer Flynn
ARLENE retired from a long and extraordinary career in real estate, both residential and commercial, followed by ownership of her own mortgage broker company. She is a member of Who’s Who for Executives and Professionals in America. She returned to her ‘”forest” with thoughts of retirement, and a new love entered her life – writing. Her first novel “Buzzard’s Glory” hit the market running, and the sequel is hot on its trail. She also writes short stories of humor, old sage advice and inspiration.

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    • I agree, it would be so healthy for our young folks if they had to actually get up and use the knob on the TV to change the channel. What a life they are missing. Chris at least we have the memory of knobs. Like you, I love knobs.
      Thanks for the comment.

  1. HAHA HAHA LOVE this story so much. I’m in an urgent care waiting room with my husband as I read this. (We were replacing a window In our home and he cut his hand deep enough to need stiches.) In my head I’m hearing The Little Old Lady From Pasadena. I want to laugh out loud and stomp my feet. Hilarious. Oh yes. Knobs. Bring them back. I have a 1988 Buick Riatta. When those electronic things decide they’re done, get out your savings account.

    • Jane, hope your husband is doing okay. If that happened to mine he would have demanded an air evacuate unit to a critical care unit. Yuppers on the knob deal.

  2. Arlene you know I love this. Be bold, be fearless embrace the pure joy of life. I totally enjoyed this article. I can see the wind blowing your hair as you speed down the road with the radio blasting. You know I have always been an outlaw. See you on the lost highways my friend.

    • How grand Larry, I’ll be on the road less traveled. Tip your hat and I’ll toss you my scarf. Have a wonderful week.