THE ETHICAL ENTREPRENEURMany people believe that a lower moral standard is necessary to get things done. They give in to moral ambiguity and half-truths. They live a double standard of conduct and they are fueled by the idea of winning at all costs. That leads to judging the accomplishments of others or only worrying about the bottom line.

The solution would be: Living by a code of conduct.

Living a life with excellence and setting ourselves higher standards means leading with wisdom and sense, and leading with a firm orientation.

Leading by a higher standard means making and holding true to a commitment to our best effort. Click To Tweet

Even if we know we will not be able to attain perfection, that is no excuse for giving up our commitment. Every step is about understanding ourselves and the needs of other people, that we can serve them in a way that deepens our relationships to them. Shared experiences create empathy and a deep understanding.

A good idea is certainly to have a constant “eye” on our actions. Continuous improvement of our behavior is a good encouragement and motivation for the future and sets the sails for a higher standard in leadership.

Each step of higher standard leadership takes some courage and has consequences. Click To Tweet

But it is worth the effort!

Leading a life of excellence and living by a code of conduct is not an easy path, and there are certainly challenges on the path. But challenges make us wise, and lead to wonderful experiences.

Do you live by any personal rules? If so, which ones?
What do you stand for?
Share it with us!

Circumstances are beyond human control, but our #conduct is in our own power.

–Benjamin Disraeli

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Karin Sebelin
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