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In our little family we decide each upcoming new year what the next year motto should be – this year, 2021 motto is “Year of giving”. The basic rule is: Try to give more than you get in every action & interaction you do. From that outset, I give you my thoughts on the TNT 66th podcast episode hosted by Teresa Quinlan and Rhys Thomas with Sesil Pir as the guest.

In summary a wonderful, open, and personal account – not only Sesil Pir but also the hosts Teresa Quinlan and Rhys Thomas. If I should headline the session I would go with “Experience transformation” in almost every aspect of `experience` I can think of (and probably haven’t yet thought of).

Listening (as in really listening) I think “experience” was the glue-word when approaching the mindset phenomenon from different angles in the sense of experience being both the immanent and transcendent element between Emotions and Thinking – the edifying processing unit between the two – in ever so silent parallel conscious & unconscious operation. On a note it is crucial, that experience abundance in itself does not produce insights, moreover how you use and relate your experiences have greater potential and value (quality over quantity).

Sesil has wisdom and it shows. Wisdom is not just regurgitating knowledge as co-host Rhys Thomas expressed it so eloquently. It is knowledge, experience, education, edification, thinking, reflection, and contemplation all somehow fused into one. What comes to mind is “Phronesis” practical wisdom – more than intelligence and techne.

The ideas presented around thought and emotion regulation reminded me of an Emotion Regulation Masterclass I’m following by David Wilkinson and the Oxford Review and a quick glimpse back at Sesil opening statements spiced with Aristotle about things we are and are not in control of or influence – it is coherent and consistent.

Sesil left 2020 with a theme of “presence” which immediately made me think of Jane Adshead-Grant and her generative listening journey. Still approaching her 2021 theme in the realm of “pace” and “time balance”, it is going to be interesting to follow both output (outpush) and perhaps outcome in a podcast session revisited same time this year. I for one will be looking forward to following Sesil, Teresa, and Rhys in 2021, and who knows a revisit come the end of the year (or mid-year status?).

Rounding off the podcast Sesil is asked 5 fast questions – listen in YOURSELF, it is both insightful, honest, and entertaining!


Per Berggreen
Per Berggreen
Per is a truly hybrid profile with a background as BSc Production Engineering, Army officer, Master’s in Philosophy within Ethics and Values in organizations and IT within organisation, strategy, and governance. More than 20 years’ experience in large national, international and global organizations with a long-range of experiences within organisational, people and competence development, IT & technology strategy, governance & organisation in different roles focusing on collaboration, engagement, relation- & partnership management. A firm believer in decency & dignity, virtue ethics, and concepts of conscious capitalism and stakeholder theory. He has designed, developed, implemented, and lead global collaboration forums and Communities of Practice (CoP) within Renewable Energy (Wind), Fashion, and Software development companies and as a consultant within Food and FMCG, Financial Services & Banking, Pharma, Production and Auto industries. Extensive global experiences with cross-functional and -cultural collaboration within complex organisational environments and system landscapes. Experienced leader and project, program, and portfolio leader focused on individual, organisational, and business impact, change, and transformation. He has driven initiatives from a reverse impact & benefit perspective within IT/Digital & Organizational transformation & development, account management roles, established customer relations as engagement architect in companies like Vestas, Bestseller, Siemens, and SAP all kick-started by national liaison officer and international NATO liaison to the Partnership for Peace program. Focused on building trust and three key relationship states Transactional | Transmissional | Transformational and the potential to transition states and stretch the exchange economy from being predominantly focused on reciprocity to be about mutuality in both design, concept, and realization. We are humans before anything else and that’s the fundamental outset for all relationships and the ethical demand. A “philo” for philosophy and admirer of the ancient Greeks and the Stoics combined with contemporary thinking especially within organisational- and leadership – philosophy. He believes the foundation for all our activities are found(ed) in thought & reflection and nurturing that ability is as important as making yourself vocal. Values are cardinal to our existence and fundamental to who we are and how we act personally, privately, and professionally.

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