“In the now, it’s all there really is, the past is a memory and the future is yet to be determined. Unplug, even for just a few minutes, you will free the mind/body/spirit from the cages of that which you hold onto. The unknown is better than you can ever imagine…allow it to present itself and experience the beauty of it’s presence!”

~Eileen Bild

It is a gift you can give yourself to clear the mind of unwanted loops. A reflective moment allows you to listen for the internal voice, the one that resides at the core.

Just as a goose will feverishly flap its wings to rid itself of excess energy after a quarrel with another, you too can shake off the burdens, unnecessary thoughts, and least desirable weight of the past and worries of the future.

Reach a level of serenity by connecting with your innermost being in the silence like the center of a tornado. Things may be swirling around you, but at the core, there is a stillness that brings you to a new awareness.

Listen to those whispers of your soul….see the sparkle of your light….bring forth the gift of now. Be who you are within the vastness of all that is as the glory of the magnificence of living.

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