LinkedIn and Your Resume: Strong Job Search Success Team

One of the interesting things I’ve discovered in my discussions with recruiters and employers is that employers often compare the job seeker’s resume and cover letter with that job seeker’s LinkedIn Profile. If they don’t support each other, your chance at a job is greatly diminished.

The LinkedIn-Resume Connection – 5 Important Benefits to Job Seekers

LinkedIn offers 5 very important benefits to job seekers when employers make the LinkedIn-resume comparison.

1. Validation of resume information

The assumption is that people are less likely to exaggerate in public, in front of their friends and LinkedIn “connections” than they are in private on a resume sent to an individual or posted privately in response to a job ad.

For decades (probably centuries), job seekers have been known to do a teensy bit of exaggeration on their resumes. Having worked at Harvard University in my past, I know that one of the things the University Alumni Records Office did frequently, back then, was confirm or deny that someone had attended, or graduated from, Harvard as indicated on their resume. The answer was “No” almost as often as it was “Yes” which tells you something about human nature and Harvard as a brand.

via LinkedIn and Your Resume: Strong Job Search Success Team | Susan P. Joyce.

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