Lightning Power at Your Fingertips

With the earth now revolving around the sun emitting light just as the sun does, it tells how the development of the world has taken no backseat in many years now. At no point has any kind of reverting been witnessed in terms of development, but regression has for sure taken over the world in many other ways, with the falling standards of humanity which are further destroying the world with many of the selfish acts of people. Coming to the progress of the world, technology is still running the steps up relentlessly with every innovation functioning to make every domain of work efficient.

With different sources of energy and generating methods existent at the moment, this power that runs the world has been functioning seamlessly for centuries now. How is all this power generated with the limited sources of energy? This qualm made the world to invent ways to generate electricity out of all possible sources.

Sources of electrical energy

These are the most fundamental methods or sources of electrical energy:

  • Friction generates electrical energy; when two materials are rubbed against each other an electrical energy is produced. The energy that is produced this way is the most basic form of electrical energy that was used to explain the theory of working of different water bodies out of which electricity is generated.
  • Heat and light are two other sources of energy out of which electricity is generated. These sources are what the ever-blazing star provides for electricity generation.
  • Magnetism is another form of electricity generation, with the electro-magnets that are formed in the process, an amount of electricity is created.

It was from these basic methods that people realized and discovered the possibility of generation of electricity from various sources. As time passed, theories and experiments were conducted all around the world to make the most out of the sources that keep replenishing. It took years of study to finally produce favorable results out of these sources. You can read more here about the electricity generation methods and its changing face with a demand for more eco-friendly production.

Houses of electricity

There are different methods to produce electrical energy as discussed earlier, with many sources providing for this purpose. There are a variety of renewable and non-renewable sources used for electricity generation.

Non-renewable sources of energy include all those energy sources that have the chance to run out in time, which might not get replenished, most of which are fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. Power plants are built for the generation of electricity from these sources. Coal-fired power stations generate electricity and the coal that is used is not renewable, thereby making it the unideal source for production since it could just keep reducing the coal amounts available for other purposes also.

Renewable sources of energy are those sources that can get replenished with time as it is consumed for production purposes. Electricity produced from such sources include:

  • Hydroelectricity: This is the most widely used source of electricity, where water stored in dams is used for electricity generation. Hydro-electric turbines and generators operate to transform the energy created by the moving waters as it is made to gush out of these dams into electrical energy. This method is one of the best alternatives to the electricity generated out of the non-renewable sources of energy since it is comparatively less expensive and the factor of renewability stands out along with the lower emission rates of harmful gases from the power plants.
  • Solar power: The energy of the bright powerhouse is extracted by the solar panels that are installed for this purpose and electricity is generated and this energy that is created out of the big star’s power supply in the form of rays helps in keeping the world bright. Using solar energy has one of the biggest benefits, lower emission of gaseous pollutant matter.
  • The wind is also used for the production of electricity; with more and more windmills being installed the production using the wind is likely to increase.
  • Biomass and Geothermal energy are two other renewable sources that are used for electricity generation.


Electricity is distributed after generation through different methods and this is what a power distribution system would comprise of:

  • Distribution substation: This is the center of the distribution, from where all the branches are provided with power.
  • Distribution feeders: Feeders are designed with a high-current carrying capacity so that high-voltage power is transmitted through it to the transformers.
  • Distribution transformers: These transform the power that is sent to it; this is where the final transformation of power takes place so that the current stays in a form that can be transmitted into households.
  • Distribution conductors: From the transformers, the power is transmitted to the conductors where the power undergoes back-to-back tapping before transmitting it to the households so that it does not run in uncontrollable amounts of voltage.
  • Service main: this consists of cables that connect the conductors to the nearest pole to which many lines are connected, from where it is transmitted to the consumers to use. On the consumer’s end, there are electrical fittings and protective fittings for the proper and safe functioning of the building without any damage caused by the electricity transmission.

Electricity is generated from different sources and distributed to the consumer’s end and this has been taking place without major issues for the past many years, but the case is not same anymore with the changing climatic conditions and with the whole face of the world, changing, it demands the conservation of electricity, and not just electricity but all sources which provide humanity plentifully.

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