Lifting Our Spirits: ‘Twas The Night Before Quarantine’

The Night Before Quarantine
‘Twas the night before quarantine and
all through the town,
not a restaurant was open,
not a school-bus was found.

hand sanitizers were placed by
all doorposts with care,
in hopes that Corona would
never come there.

the children were swinging from
the crystal chandeliers, and
the stir-crazy babies were
almost in tears.

with everyone in health masks and
live updates on their screens,
we hunkered down and
waited for COVID-19.

for into our lives with
a sneeze and a cough
came a global pandemic and
a crash of the stocks.

away to the grocery
we all flew like a flash, and
bought all the toilet paper
for our personal stash.

as the moon slowly rose on
our fates and our fears,
what to my wandering mind
should appear?

in the absence of busyness
a new life taking form: in
the stillness of solitude, in
the silence of the storm.

in the magic of together and
home-bound company,
rediscovering connection in
our family.

so with the pup in her kennel and
the children in their beds,
new visions of adventures
now danced in my head!

the checklists could wait and
the bank accounts would be fine, for
we had been given the most
sacred gift of time.

so I gathered the markers and
crayons and paints,
I collected the nerf guns and
assembled board games.

with a wink and a smile I
moved on to schoolwork:
math facts and science and
vocabulary words.

I laughed as I thought it,
in spite of myself,
“what if quarantine can heal our
emotional health?”

if the birds are still singing and
if the flowers still bloom,
surely the sunshine can
overcome our gloom.

if we set aside fear and
choose kindness instead,
maybe we’ll all begin to realize
we have nothing to dread.

I tucked back into bed and
smiled up at the moon, for
a peace had replaced the
impending doom.

so take heart and take hope
through this curious plight, and
“happy quarantine to all”


Pavlina Osta
Pavlina Osta
Pavlina Osta, recognized simply as “Pavlina” to celebrities, booking agents and industry moguls alike. Since the young age of 11, this teen radio and talk-show host has been landing her own interviews with the world’s top superstars, athletes, and newsmakers on and off the red carpet. To date, Pavlina has completed more than 500 celebrity interviews, which airs across the country, Saturday mornings on the “The Pavlina Show” radio show and are broadcast on her YouTube Channel, "@pavlinaosta.” Notable celebrity interviews include Steve Forbes, Katie Couric, FUN, Kevin Jonas, The Wanted, Carly Rae Jepsen, Shaquille O’Neal, and KISS. Outside of proving herself as an accomplished journalist, Pavlina is also a noted philanthropist, political enthusiast, talented ballet dancer, steel drum performer, and National Girl Scout Delegate.

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  1. Pavlina, I had to read your piece again. Not only is it clever and creative there is a powerful message in there as well. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this. Once again welcome to BC360. I hope your experience here is as marvelous and magnificent as mine has been. Take care and stay well.

  2. Oh, I love this revision! Yes, looking for the kindness, the good, the opportunity feels quite amazing, even liberating. We are learning what we value the most! Thank you for your creative expression offered to all of us.

    Welcome to BizCatalyst360, Pavlina!

  3. Pavlina – I absolutely love this – thank you for lifting our spirits in the perilous time. And welcome to BC360 – a place of respectful engagement – authors who encourage each other – and a source of friendships that will always be there for you. Your first post is bound to get you a big following.