Life Will Present Every Opportunity to Become More Acquainted With Yourself

–I N T I M A C Y ...

In that union rests all others.

It has been a year of opportunity. The world was forced to slow down. We were relegated to solitude. We were prompted to be with ourselves. Life called us in to engage intimate connection. It offered the space to recalibrate to our more natural selves; if open to hear the soft inner voice or that which seemed loud at times.

As we move into the last quarter of 2020, it is calling for profound levels of sacred intimacy. Although this may reveal as a partnership, it first relates to Self. Becoming intimate with Self means touching and holding every nuance that you are. This means flirting with every thought that passes through the mind, so as to understand the workings of your intellectual body: the carnal mind… the curious mind… the negative mind… the enlightened mind… the higher mind. The mind is a strange, potent aphrodisiac for growth.

Romance the heart by fully enveloping every emotion to completion. Hold close your calm, content, happy and peace… but even more so the anger, sadness, bitterness, jealousy, and resentment. The latter emotions are a secret passage to heightened spectrums of fulfillment. They place barriers against joy, bliss, ecstasy, and aliveness. Emotions are powerful pheromones put onto others, whether you are conscious of them or not.

Caress the spirit. The masculine and feminine are intertwined; touching, moving and experiencing one another even when kept separate and apart. These aspects dance with one another in every experience. Sometimes one leads; and other times the other does. At times, they will behave as obsessed aspects that expand dense aspects of creation. They will also merge, reproducing endless manifestations upon the material plane. They will be in oneness when making love through higher spiritual communion. Pure presence and devotion to one another expands their timeless intercourse. The feminine serves the masculine through endlessly creating. The masculine serves the feminine through adoration, waiting to be inspired to powerfully act, implement, and bring to fruition. Sacred intimacy is the way forward for humanity’s freedom.

In Love… Of Love… With Love… As Love…  I Am Simran 

Excerpted from the current issue of 11:11 Magazine: Sacred Intimacy. Read the Full Issue Here:


Simran Singh
Simran Singh
SIMRAN is a globally recognized speaker and catalyst for love, compassion, and humanity. As an ‘Example’ for a New World Experience of Aliveness, she advocates for the Visionary and Mystic embodied within each person, while engaging individuals in the embrace of their darkest depths so to uncover their brilliance of Light. SIMRAN is #1 rated, archived syndicated host of Voice America’s 11:11 Talk Radio, host of 11:11 InnerViews TV, and publisher of Nautilus Award-winning 11:11 Magazine. Author of (1) IPPY and IPA Gold Award-winning Conversations With The Universe, (2) Your Journey to Enlightenment, and (3) IPPY Gold Award-winning Your Journey to Love. SIMRAN creates art, books, and online courses to bridge humanity’s experience and expression. Along with being a TEDx speaker, SIMRAN is the creator of the One-Woman Show, The Rebel Road… Connecting the Dots from What Was to What Is. In addition, SIMRAN has appeared on GAIAM TV, One Word Puja Network, CCN, and The New Thought Channel as a voice for the future. Her radio show appears on Voice America Network, DreamVisions7Radio Network along with other syndications. She has appeared as a keynote speaker at The World Congress, the United Nations, Universities, Spiritual Centers, and hundreds of venues across North America. Along with having been featured on the cover of Science of Mind, SIMRAN received the UnZipper of Reality Award.

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  1. WOW Simran … this is so aligned & I’m breathing it in. Agree with Eyra in prayer for this to be enfolded into our way of teaching & relating.

    “The feminine serves the masculine through endlessly creating. The masculine serves the feminine through adoration, waiting to be inspired to powerfully act, implement, and bring to fruition. Sacred intimacy is the way forward for humanity’s freedom.” YES.

  2. Thank you for this very enlightened and beautiful view on the self Simran! May teachers teach this at school. May parents teach themselves then their children. May partners remind each other. May company owners pass it on to their employees.