Life is Philosophy —in Disciplines: Leadership is Transcendental —in Actions

A good cause needs to speak to the beliefs of individuals; an honorable cause speaks to the norms and perhaps virtues of people and a valid cause speaks to the ethical values of humans.


Per Berggreen
Per Berggreen
Per is a truly hybrid profile with a background as BSc Production Engineering, Army officer, Master’s in Philosophy within Ethics and Values in organizations and IT within organisation, strategy, and governance. More than 20 years’ experience in large national, international and global organizations with a long-range of experiences within organisational, people and competence development, IT & technology strategy, governance & organisation in different roles focusing on collaboration, engagement, relation- & partnership management. A firm believer in decency & dignity, virtue ethics, and concepts of conscious capitalism and stakeholder theory. He has designed, developed, implemented, and lead global collaboration forums and Communities of Practice (CoP) within Renewable Energy (Wind), Fashion, and Software development companies and as a consultant within Food and FMCG, Financial Services & Banking, Pharma, Production and Auto industries. Extensive global experiences with cross-functional and -cultural collaboration within complex organisational environments and system landscapes. Experienced leader and project, program, and portfolio leader focused on individual, organisational, and business impact, change, and transformation. He has driven initiatives from a reverse impact & benefit perspective within IT/Digital & Organizational transformation & development, account management roles, established customer relations as engagement architect in companies like Vestas, Bestseller, Siemens, and SAP all kick-started by national liaison officer and international NATO liaison to the Partnership for Peace program. Focused on building trust and three key relationship states Transactional | Transmissional | Transformational and the potential to transition states and stretch the exchange economy from being predominantly focused on reciprocity to be about mutuality in both design, concept, and realization. We are humans before anything else and that’s the fundamental outset for all relationships and the ethical demand. A “philo” for philosophy and admirer of the ancient Greeks and the Stoics combined with contemporary thinking especially within organisational- and leadership – philosophy. He believes the foundation for all our activities are found(ed) in thought & reflection and nurturing that ability is as important as making yourself vocal. Values are cardinal to our existence and fundamental to who we are and how we act personally, privately, and professionally.

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  1. Dear Aldo Delli Paoli many thanks for an insightful welcome 🙏
    Shifting perspectives from being predominantly physical existence towards being increasingly virtual beings is maybe the most fundamental shift in humankind history. Mentally living in a fast-expanding intangible existence (Floridi: Infosphere) is quite a challenge and without precedence. But how to keep our bearings – especially when situations don’t even present a “knowing-doing” gap? Two tools seem viable to me 1) leaning on (multi) cultural heritage and 2) imagination guided by Aristotle “Mesotes” (the mean between ‘too much’ (hyperbolḗ) and ‘too little’ (élleipsis)). Who knows – does it translate into “trial & error” or perhaps agility balancing “stability & flexibility” or both and more? We need both/and – proactive & epiactive thinkers which potentially are the same! For the first time in history, we are facing WE challenges that are only time-competitive, there’s no us&them – there’s only Us – Humans!

  2. I thank Per Berggreen for proposing an issue that has interested me for a long time.
    I am convinced that there will have to be a new era of communication that puts ideas at the center, a communication that is more auditory than visual, as the Greek philosophers once did in the Agora. They will be the professional thinkers who will dominate the market and persuade the masses. The philosopher by his nature elbowed, questions, is uncomfortable, is often a disruptive force with his thoughts that in one way or another manage to shake and stimulate those who listen to them to be effective in their duties.
    The ethics of the technological future is in their hands. Today digital as the web and the services available to it is structured, needs an ethics that guides it and helps it to reason, to express thoughts and concepts typical of man, to emphasize moral values. The Internet needs executive thinkers, people who know how to give an ethical and constructive imprint. It needs to return to the service of man, conveying positive ideas and thoughts.