Life is not a Competition

Life is not a race. There is nothing to win. There is enough to learn. Learning to live and some times to survive. At the end of our days, there is not a rewarding system that judges us and decides our destiny in relation to the outcome of an evaluation. Luckily, life is not a competition.

I personally believe that we can all succeed, that one’s success can be shared with others and that helping one another can be a beneficial habit for everyone. In fact, if we think about it, it is not possible that we all can succeed, even if in different ways?

Competition can serve as an element of motivation, and sometimes it can also be fun. But in general it creates contrast, disharmony, hostility, and mutual distrust, in a word can be destructive, and therefore an obstacle to success, both of the individual and of the group.

Aldo Delli Paoli
Aldo Delli Paoli
After classical studies and the Bachelor Degree in Law, I have had experience of teaching law and economics in high school, completed the legal and notarial practice, admitted to the lawyer bar since 1975, I worked as a civil lawyer for about 4 years. In 1970 I joined General Motors Acceptance Corporation, Italy, the financing company of General Motors, where I made different kinds of experience serving in leadership roles and as a CEO as well as a board member (credit collection, district manager, retail contract acquisition, wholesale and retail credit risk manager, recruitment and training of Human Resources, analysis and management of corporate law issues, new branch development, introduction of flexibility tools and outsourcing, partnership projects (SAAB, Subaru), Quality Council, Units relations, branch closures, analysis and restructuring of organizational processes, compliance, change management. In December 2004 I retired maintaining the role of an external member of the Board and head of the Vigilance Committee up to April 2008. I collaborated with the magazine "Autoperator" on financial services matters, to Corriere della Sera & Sole 24Ore on any labor matters.


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Len Bernat

Aldo – Love this positive message that needs to be shared with a world that is tearing itself apart. That you, my friend, for another piece of wisdom.

Larry Tyler

Very powerful inspiration Aldo. Strong Ink Indeed! Thank you for sharing you insights and wisdom with us.

Susan Rooks

Aldo, from what you’ve seen me write, you know I align with your thoughts here 1,000% ! The old saying “a rising tides lifts all boats” is so true! We don’t need to compete; there’s enough for everyone.

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