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Let’s get physical, physical. I wanna get physical. Let’s get into physical. Let me hear your body talk, body talk. Let me hear your body talk. Let’s get animal, animal. I wanna get animal. Let’s get into animal. Let me hear your body talk. Let em hear your body talk.”[su_spacer]

THIS DREADFUL song was written in 1981 and performed by Olivia Newton-John who is an English-born Australian singer, songwriter and actress. The title of this “song” inspired me to write an article on the subject of physical as in physical fitness and the importance thereof.

Last evening I was on-line at one of these discount stores that sell a wide variety of items for very low prices waiting to pay for my purchases. Resting on the candy rack just to the right of me near the register was lo and behold a pink Spalding ball. These balls were used in a variety of children’s games and something called handball where you would slap the ball against a high concrete wall or any wall for that matter and keep the ball from getting past you by repeatedly slapping it. Physical!

These balls were also great for playing stickball where a stickball bat or broomstick was used to hit the ball. Part of this game was running bases. Physical. Hit the ball, throw the ball, catch the ball, run after the ball. Physical. Superballs (I think that’s what they were called) which were hard rubber balls that were compressed so as to bounce very high and in multiple directions. They great for chasing after.

The sight of children and adults engaging in makeshift sporting events (Frisbee tossing) has become increasingly rare. Just as rare in many areas of the country is the sight of kids riding their bikes all over town or riding alongside their parents or siblings. Riding a bicycle can have positive effects on your cardio system in addition to burning calories depending of course how fast and how far you pedal.

Instead of buying children bikes, bats, balls, wagons, etc. invariably they are bought an ipad, tablet or some sort of smart phone. These devices (I admit to being an addict) are great but provide no physical stimulation. If anything kids and adults alike hate to put the device down so they eat while texting or playing games. Poor digestion with a very good chance of not being cognizant of the caloric content of what you have just eaten.

In light of the fact the Justice Antonin Scalia was cut down by a heart attack which kills millions of people each year with an astounding number being of these attacks that could have been prevented by more regular physical exercise . Diet plays a major role but since I am not a dietician nor a person that can claim to eat any semblance of a “proper diet” I will avoid this subject.

On Sunday my wife and I were walking around our neighborhood (love Brooklyn, NY USA) in search of a pair of sneakers for her. To my surprise we now have “shoes” that are designed specifically for walking or running. I thought all shoes for designed for walking (not to mention the odd mad dash for one thing or another) and that all sneakers were appropriate for running. All that aside we returned home from our jaunt feeling sore and tired. When you think about it a walk of this type should not have left us feeling this way. It underscored the fact that we have not been getting enough physical exercise which considering we are both diabetics is not conducive for keeping the destruction of vital organs that diabetes wreaks havoc on. We have not been physical or gotten into physical enough.

We don’t need a physical fitness week or $100 walking or running shoes (sorry Nike) but do need (as do our kids) a regular dose of exercise. I am not trying to be preachy especially since a person with my body proportions (aka overweight) is in no position to advise somebody else what is healthy or what is not. Coming home tired and sore was a wake-up call before the wake-up call of chest pains or disturbing signs appear that it is indeed time to “get into physical.”

Get up from your desk and stretch. Go for long walks when possible. Ride a bike. Jog or go running (you can listen to music from your device at the same time) play touch football, swim, jump rope or just about any type of physical activity. Swimming is great unless you are like me and never learned how Physical. Let’s get into physical for all of our sakes. We will perform our jobs better while generally feeling better.

You can join a gym and become an “animal” but body building/sculpting is not necessarily being in shape but rather nothing more than a cosmetic display designed to implant in your mind looking like a body builder with rippling muscles equates health when I fact all that muscle carriers extra weight.

So let’s all get physical and listen to our bodies telling us we are okay.

Joel Elveson
Joel Elvesonhttp://billions1.wix.com/fasthire
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Jane Anderson

Totally with you here, Joel. I know everything you said is true, even the fact that going out for a walk shouldn’t have made you sore and tired, but it did. Interesting that you picked up on that immediately. Lots of folks complain of aches and pains, blaming it on aging. That is only partially true and the folks I’m referring to would rather have the pain than actually do something to prevent it. I am not at all talking about people who have chronic pain and disease that causes pain. I used to belong to a gym and 5 days a week at 5:30 am I was in the studio taking a class. Now that I’m retired and don’t live close to a gym it is a LOT harder to get off the couch or away from my desk and exercise with friends on my TV screen. I hope your exercise program works out well for you. My favorite exercise is walking and I can literally walk hours and never get bored. But still – having a friend or spouse along for the journey is a tremendous perk. If I just say the word exercise to my husband he can be out the door in .010 seconds flat. He hates it. But fortunately I don’t.

Jane Anderson

Allow me to make one more comment. I LOVE that Let’s Get Physical song. In fact I heard it in the grocery store last week and seriously was right back where I was when it was popular. I cleaned houses and could vacuum circles around everyone listening to amazing songs – or even not so amazing. Music is energy.

Larry Tyler

Great article Joel. I just turned 66 so I realize the importance of getting up and getting out. I walk my dogs every day and work out on my home gym while listening to some very loud music. Thank you for the kind reminder that we need to get up and move

Johnny Johnston

Great, relevant article Joel and at 67 I agree completely. It takes 30 minutes to an hour a day to maintain your health. 1/24th of your day can lift your spirit, extend your life and improve your stamina and attitude. Thanks buddy I needed that. J



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