Let’s Expose the “Jackass Generation!”

The “Greatest Generation” began in 1901. The “Silent Generation” started in the 1920s to the ’30s, and after World War 11 came the “Baby Boomers.” From 1965 through the 1980s, the “Gen X Generation” grew. The “Millennials” are the children of baby boomers, which ended in 2004.

Today we have the “Jackass Generation,” which split away from mainstream Americans. These people with inflated egos blame others, have all the answers, and don’t listen to other points of view. Younger people lack a conscience as they loot, steal, shoot other people and commit criminal acts of violence against anyone who happens to be in their way. The Jackass generation includes politicians and leaders who reject consequences for evil behavior.

What can ordinary people do about the Jackass Generation?

  • We can no longer sit back and wonder, “What happened?” We must be involved! Nothing changes if we allow the Jackass politicians to take away our freedoms. All generations must vote out leaders who blame the police and racism as they allow chaos in cities.
  • Schools have Jackass leaders. Parents must find out what’s going on in classrooms! Insist that teachers teach a robust curriculum that includes reading, writing, history, and math. Our schools must focus on academics, not social changes in society.
  • We have a generation of Jackass youth who lack any spiritual understanding of self. They are not centered, and they lie and bully others. Undisciplined youth don’t listen to or respect those who disagree. They never listen to the older generation, who gained wisdom and common sense over a lifetime. The breakdown of the family has contributed to community chaos.

We need to start a media conversation on how to strengthen and support American families and neighbors with limited involvement of the police. Community responsibility for neighborhood safety can dramatically reduce crime, drugs, and violence and build trust as neighbors work together to keep families and children safe. Neighborhood involvement exposes crime, agency, and police corruption.

“We the people” need to stop assuming that politicians and taxpayers’ money can save us. In a democracy, involved citizens create positive change in our communities. The limited job of politicians is to write and pass laws, as they spend taxpayers’ money which often leads to corruption.

Integrity, transparency, and the fight against corruption have to be part of the culture. They have to be thought of as fundamental values.

~Angel Gurria, OECD Secretary-General of Transparency International.

Bureaucrats seek to divide and control people’s behavior. They use “Woke” intimidation to reduce freedom of speech and downplay the role of religion because people of faith don’t trust big government. When we trust our “higher power,” we can discover our inner ability to find solutions. That was the success of the “Greatest Generation” during World War 11!

The Jackass Generation is wagging the donkey. The question is, What are “we the people” willing to do to stop power-hungry politicians from assuming control over freedom-loving Americans?


Stephanie L. Mann
Stephanie L. Mann
Stephanie Mann co-authored, Alternative to Fear: Guidelines to Safer Neighborhoods,” which helped launch the national “Neighborhood Watch” Program. Within 2 1/2 years, involved residents in her community (17,500 residents) decreased crime 48%, WITHOUT a local police department. Mann worked as a community leader, neighborhood organizer, county coordinator, state consultant and authored, “Safe Homes, Safe Neighborhoods: Stopping Crime Where You Live” (Nolo Press 1993) In 2010, while working in Richmond CA, with “Mother’s Against Senseless Killings,” Mann saw people too scared to be involved or report crimes. She wrote, “The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook,” with an easy-to-follow guide for existing groups and “My first steps to a safe neighborhood” for citizens. These booklets give individuals and groups the tools to reach out and bring people together to help each other. Stephanie started a homeless men’s support group while working with “The Mary Ann Wright Foundation” in Oakland CA. She recognized the need to support children at an early age and wrote, “Street Safe Kids: 10 Step Guide for Teens and Adults” (which has been used in after-school programs) to help youth grow strong from within to develop self-esteem and stay centered. Book available on The Safe Kids Now National website states, “Every child needs a healthy family and neighborhood to stay safe.” In partnership with the CARR Foundation, a binder, “Safe Neighborhoods: Access to a Healthy Community,” was created for city leaders to make neighborhoods safer for families and neighborhoods. Stephanie’s books strengthen families and can decrease the social isolation that fuels bullies, domestic violence, abuse, drugs, gangs, and other destructive behaviors.”

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  1. Hi dear Stephanie,
    As I stated to you earlier, I could not agree more. I believe our generation, the Boomers, contributed to the demise of our culture and the idea of moral relativism. Also, “if it feels good, do it.” The idea of personal responsibility, persevering, or having a bit of restraint seems to have gone by the wayside for many. Everyone is a victim of some trigger or microaggression. Thank you for your courage of addressing something many people choose to ignore. This is a fabulous article. Jackasses, indeed (lol).
    With a smile,