Let Go, Let Go, Let Go!

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ORIGINALLY, I HAD PLANNED to write an article about the intricacies of recruiting or something along those lines. Then the attacks in France that left 129 people dead and countless more injured happened. Though countless articles have already been written about this senseless display of hatred fueled violence that shook us not only from our sleep but at the same time blew apart the sense of peace & joy that the approaching holiday season is supposed to bring.

The first question that comes to many people’s mind is WHY as in WHY do you hate so much that you would kill innocent people? WHY? Some of these people have been trained since they were youngsters how to maim, kill and inject as much terror and bloodshed as possible. 09/ 11 proved it was a feasible to do. Why did it happen? A simple three letter word explains it all H-A-T-E! ‘I don’t know you but I do know I HATE you and therefore must kill you’

WHY? How is it conceivable hatred can be nurtured into an all-consuming feeling that all that matters is that your hate inwardly and outwardly provokes you into committing heinous act of hatred? Your issue isn’t land or something along those lines, no it is your blind hatred. The great reward that you are promised for either sacrificing your life for this “cause” is a myth. You are being sold a lie!

Instead of using your G-d given brain to think you allow yourself to be taken in by people like Abul Bakr al-Baghdidi who ordered you to carry out his mission while cowardly hiding (as did Bin Laden) inside of countries where the fighters of your intent seek to impose your law or convert people to obey your laws which have no basis when it comes to the basic sanctity of life. Your orders are to gun, bomb, take hostages to presumably use as bait until you torture and kill them were given. You did not ask WHY you just went about doing what you were told to do. The more people that died, suffered or whose lives will never be the same the more you felt a sense of accomplishment! WHY?

In places like Italy, France, Israel and even Russia to name just a few of many there is no culture of longing to kill for the purpose of killing those for whom they disagree with or feel foolishly and mistakenly oppressed by people whose arms are open. Perhaps it was a small group initially whose misdirected anger and bitterness swallowed you up inside until two World Trade Center Bombings, Lockerbie Bombings, Suicide Bomber, Burning of Children, Beheadings and on and on. Although these people must fight for their “cause” inside they don’t know what the cause is really about or what it means to them and their lives nor the lives of those who have a family.

Add the sum total of people who have been senselessly and brutally murdered these last few years you quickly come up with a gut wrenching number. Death, destruction with bloodshed aplenty was and is your mantra. Many of you were killed or permanently locked away or perhaps rightfully executed for your great deeds of destruction yet you still can’t look in the mirror to ask yourself WHY? WHY? Some families rebuilt where they could, new buildings sprung up in Manhattan, children now play in a place where you had hoped to end as much life as possible. Your “cause” failed and will continue to fail.

Do you not for a moment think nations like the United States, Russia and Israel with the touch a few buttons can eradicate you along with your followers off the face of the earth will fail to do so if you continue of your “crusades” WHY do you not have the capacity to let go of your baseless hatred? LET IT GO, LET IT GO, LET IT GO! Let go of the hate! As quickly as you learned it there is still time to unlearn it.

Some of you got away from the nets that will sooner or later drape over you to bring you to halls of justice to face your fate. No matter if you are executed by way of being electrocuted, hung or some other method your death to your “soldiers in arms” though initially praised perhaps just perhaps may cause others to wonder WHY? WHY are we doing this? WHY are we killing? Do we really think if we keep killing we can win our war for supremacy over what? What will we have won? Where is your prize? LET IT GO, LET IT GO, LET IT GO before your actions damn races of people who want nothing more than to live life in peace.

We know you are all over the world and growing in numbers! The stench of the smell of your rotting souls is smelled far and wide. As determined as you are to kill us so are we determined to stop you and put an end to what you hope to accomplish. So many before you tried and ultimately failed. So too will be your fate! Then what? Do you try to pass along to innocent children (you do) to carry on your work? Are your children who were hopefully conceived out of leave mean so little to you that you would want to see them die for a “cause” you yourself do not understand WHY?

WHY? WHY? WHY? Perhaps we will never know how you became what you are. You probably don’t even really know WHY or what it is you do. We do know it’s time (a dream perhaps) for all of you whose daily lives are driven by desire to hate to LET IT GO! When you are shown what caring and compassion does even to people like you it does not penetrate the dense layer of fog that is your hatred.

There is no prize that awaits you unless your own death is so important to you so you can get to meet this fictitious magical “person” that you are foolishly led to believe exists. When or will you ever be able to sanely answer the question WHY? LET IT GO, LET IT GO, LET IT GO! Look carefully at the twinkly eyes of former President Regan or the loving Grandmotherly smile of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir and ask yourself WHY do I hate them?

Take a moment to listen (if you dare) to listen to the passionate words of peace as orated by the late great Martin Luther King Jr. Hate killed him but his spirit and his dream live on. You need to understand that when the physical body dies the dreams that the righteous dreamt along with the good and innocent people you killed will begin to sprout even more people like them.

Before you force some nation to use the most destructive weapon built by man to destroy you stop and think about WHY and then LET IT GO, LET IT GO, LET IT GO!


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. I am speechless with shock at what has happened. It can’t go on like this. IT CAN’T. This is only the killing spree of those who want us to go back 500 years. I got to be honest. I didn’t get much sleep last night…. shocking pictures on television all the time… I thought about parents and relatives… I put myself in the shoes of them… when they got the news… I thought of what might help bring some… peace to the families, you
    know, of the victims.

    You know, I thought that people had given in to the hate…madness.. darkness… for nothing… and I thought about my own two kids… If that happens to me, I’d be miserable … I’d go crazy… and I don’t know what would happen…. It can’t go on like this. IT CAN’T – Unfortunately, at this stage, we need to put action over hope, it’s the human condition… no way out… ’cause these killers have gone completely insane… and we risk this to get out of hand… You can’t live like this.

    This has got to stop, a way or another. And you can’t dismiss that just because you
    don’t want it to be true. This problem is becoming a global problem. What are
    we supposed to do, to wait until next time? Or should we go back 500 years, to
    make them happy? I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection… I said to myself… ok.. it is a painful reality that these days, although not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists are Muslim. How come? What’s going on with these people? For sure there’s something wrong with these people…. where’d all that hate come from? I don’t know… religious fanaticism?… hysteria mixed with frustration?… closed and intolerant attitude?… refusal to accept reality and/or modern society?… ignorance?… or what? I can’t think of other reasons. What do you think Joel? Thank you for this article.

    • You couldn’t have said it better, Massimo. A sad commentary on our times, indeed. Thanks for engaging/responding to Joel’s insightful Article here.

    • Thank you Dennis! Thank you very much! … really shocking violence…pure madness… These situations are unacceptable… they’re against the progress…. they’re turning back the clock… We can’t go for coffee, we can’t go to the movies, we can’t listen to music…we can’t even walk down the street together… They scared me to death… I’ve got friends and relatives in Paris… We can’t let them do that. WE CAN’T.
      I hope they roast in the flaming fires… for all this suffering landing on innocent people. Thank you.

    • Massimo, I refuse to give into the fears but they are in the back of mind. I still ride and enjoy the subway system here in New York but still feel the jitters. This is a scary time. The need is to put fear into these people.

    • THAT’S RIGHT! RIGHT!!! We have our western lifestyle. From America to Europe. In Europe our roots are Judeo-Christian. And you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! We must put fear into these people. Once for all. Enough is enough! We’re much stronger than they are. We must not be afraid to go forward, to react, by all possible means. This HAS TO STOP. Thank you very much Joel!

    • Massimo, you are right about our Judeo-Christian roots which through prayer and unity of purpose can also help defeat these people. As you say we MUST go forward! We MUST continue to live our lives. The nervousness and fear will be in the back of our minds yet we must go on and we will go on. We need to make sure our leaders proceed with the resolve that is necessary to win this war. I have my doubts about Obama but not about people like Netanyahu & Putin and others who will not surrender.

    • Massimo, you are dead on with your comments as this cannot continue. These are people who are so consumed with hate that all they know is violence. Nobody can pin point one cause or another for the rise of these groups. In the same vein how did Hitler evolve? One of the key “players” in the eradication of these groups is Russian President Vladimir Putin as he above all will do what has to be done. He can be the game changer. It’s hard for any of us to fathom to live through something happening to our kids physically or mentally. Or just as bad being raised to be a part of this culture. We are not afforded with the luxury of trying to figure out who these people really are or where they came from. Sad to say we must respond with a united military front that will bomb them from all ends. Innocent people will die as a result. This is what they want but what we must do. In the meantime we can’t lock ourselves away as we will be handing them victory. After 09/11 we fought hard to get back our way of life. The same must happen here. There is so much to be said. Thank you Massimo for your commentary. Le’ts hope we can put enough fear back into them that they retreat.

    • YES Joel!!! I have just heard an impressive speech by the president of the French republic, 30 minutes ago… He has addressed Parliament in plenary session in Versailles… You should have heard him… frankly… for a moment I wish I was a French citizen… decisiveness and determination… This is a war not a joke. And we must prevail. WE MUST. Usually I haven’t an aggressive, interventionist character… but that is enough! You’re right Joel, we need to join our forces, and get this over with. Once for good. And that’s what’s going to happen… regarding the islamic caliphate… ’cause it can not go on like this. Thank you Joel!